Mookhyang: Dark Lady

Ch: 123+
2019 - ?
4.336 out of 5 from 552 votes
Rank #2,677
Mookhyang: Dark Lady

The exceptional martial artist and proud hierarch of the Demonic Sect, Mookhyang, winds up in a strange new fantasy realm after falling victim to a curse cast by his enemies, the Blood Sect. But when Mookhyang’s incredible control over qi, or mana, becomes known, it’s only a matter of time before he gets cursed again… and turned into a young lady?! In this world of elves, mages, knights, and dragons, will a mastery of Chinese martial arts be enough for one man (or woman) to fight his way back home? Or will this humbled warrior finally concede defeat?

Source: TappyToon

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It had so much potential... The theme of Strongest cultivator who gets transported into a western-ish world of swords and magic was great and the art was pretty damn stellar as well. But all came crashing down come chapter 28. The timeskip at the first bit of the story was a bit jarring, but not really much of a deal since we could skip the usual massive info dump and slowly inject it into the story bit by bit. I get that. It's fine. The introduction of Titans didn't bother me much despite them being like medieval gundams. At least we have something to challenge the MC with, right? Yeah. I can roll with that. I've seen worse. Then came the whiny loli character. I was fine with her as well. Brats like her are pretty common in comics (esp in Japanese manga). They usually have their redeeming factors anyway like super strength or demonic bloodline, you know, the works. But then came chapter 28 and everything made sense... although, for the worse. The title was confusing at first but I chalked it up to either getting lost in translation or an additional gender-bender theme similar to Ranma 1/2. Sadly, it was the worst possible version of the latter where he loses all his "cultivation" and turns into a mirror image of the whiny loli with no signs of shifting back into his previous form anytime soon. I love gender-bender and I get character nerfs are necessary for OP MCs. But this was just unnecesary as it was frustrating. Fine, I get it was original but not really my cup of tea. Dropped.


'Review updated'...  ---SPOILERS---STORY: This Manhwa had the potential to be amazing, even though it's an overused theme like 'Isekai' with an overpowered protagonist, there is one thing that sets this apart from other similar stories. The protagonist is already an adult, actually quite old, with his martial arts well developed, his fame already sky-high, and even established a clan of his own. Considering his high age he is already a person with a mindset of decades of experience and not those annoying teenagers from similar stories that go crazy with every thot that shows up in front of them. The story begins in his original world, with various different strong and experienced enemies coming together to deal with the protagonist in the only way they could, which was to use a 'not very known' magic that teleports the target into some random place far and far away from where they live, and it worked. The protagonist is actually thrown into another world. The 1st 'story' problem: Then we get quite a few chapters with him exploring and learning about this new world, he meets some people, he battles some others, and with his experience and knowledge of his martial arts, we see very little effort with him dealing with all the enemies he encountered so far, with this in mind, the author decided to do some of the most stupid (for me at least) ways of making a cool male protagonist weak (chapter 28). One of the enemies he encountered in this world, couldn't deal directly with him so they used a type of curse, which transforms the target into the thing he hates the most, and in that specific situation the protagonist was in, his mind was completely full that he hates kids, especially annoying little girls, and what does he turn into? A weak little girl. So, the author took a cool male, overpowered, and dark protagonist, and transformed into a fragile weak little girl that couldn't even hold a sword. If he at least maintained some of his strength we could have accepted the situation, but no, he was exactly like a fragile little girl only with the mindset of his old self. This was so bizarre that I stopped reading this, and came back just recently (May 2020).The 2nd 'story' problem: It happens again. A few weeks ago I decided to come back to this and give it another try to see if the author had some interesting development. We get a whole saga of the protagonist going from place to place trying to find ways to deal with his curse only to get thrown in his face that the curse he got couldn't be lifted, so he had to live with it. He accepted and started training again. After a while with the protagonist training, he finally starts to reach some small level of power compared to what he had before until we reach a phase when he almost reached his strength before, only for some crazy development to happen (chapter 60), and now the protagonist has a FUCKING AMNESIA!!! The author didn't think that taking his body, martial arts, and all his power was enough, so he decided to take all his knowledge and decades of experience in martial arts too!? Why not just kill the protagonist once and for all, and focus on something else? I have no freaking idea. Honestly, it feels to me that the author hates the protagonist and wants to see him suffer for some reason. Again, I'm taking a break from this story, and I bet I will come back in a few months when things start to go good again, the author will do something to fuck with the protagonist AGAIN. ART: It's perfect for me. The art style of this Manhwa is amazing, fits the genre, the effects are beautiful, the characters are well made. Literally nothing to complain from the art style.Characters: The characters are pretty good, well developed, most have a backstory, or at least a little knowledge about who they are to give us some kind of essence to them, at least the most important ones. Some others do leave a little to be desired, but in the end, they are decent. OVERALL: The art style amazing, pretty good characters, a story with great potential, but the author just has the weirdest choices of characters progression for the protagonist which completely breaks the fun in reading this. EDIT: I came back to read after the "2nd story problem' and I actually understand why the author did what he did, as a form of big character development for the MC, and it was actually something momentary that it didn't take to long to solve. With that said, I have to say the story is getting boring. The MC which was once amazing, with great personality and didn't bow down to anyone, is now accepting to work for the ones that did all this mess with him. I can understand if they solved their issues through some fight and the "enemy" side ask for forgiviness and cooperation with the MC, but nothing like that happened. It's like the author decided to brush it off everything the MC went through so far, and leave at that, while making the MC help them either way.

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