Monochrome Rumor

Ch: 84+
2021 - ?
4.271 out of 5 from 464 votes
Rank #466
Monochrome Rumor

After being involved in a car accident together, Hajin is asked by Sihyeon to take care of Sihyeon's younger sister after his death. Hajin never expected that to mean he would wake up in the hospital in Sihyeon's body instead of his own. Even worse, Sihyeon was an infamous idol who would do anything for money, had multiple sponsors, and was apparently about to abandon the boy band he was a part of to sign a new contract with a larger agency. At first, Hajin believes the public’s negative opinion about Sihyeon, but the more he learns about Sihyeon’s miserable circumstances, the more enraged he becomes. Determined to get revenge in Sihyeon’s stead, Hajin decides to reach out to an old acquaintance for help. However, the deeper he goes into his revenge plot, the more people he becomes entangled with...

Source: TappyToon

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