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Aug 19, 2018

Mods is not for everyone. It's really trash but in a good way. Because what could be positive and polished about prostitution and despair? nothing. 
Meet Tora who spends his time fighting life (some things you can just tell) and Shiro who has given up on life. 
Kazuki NATSUME is able to create the perfect atmosphere to fit this complex story delivered in just 5 chapters by the means of great art. 

A special note from me: (MILD SPOILER) 
Best friend: Haru-san but especially when he says to Shiro 'Don't underestimate my information network, I can find the likes of you in seconds'
Best line so far: Shiro to Tora: 'you are weird'
Best position: too pervy to be described :0
Best underware: Shiro doesn't wear any... but I loved his white winter coat. 
Best reaction: All of Tora's reaction. OK, especially the one where he sees Shiro come back sticky face from being with a client (stupefaction mixed with absolute horror) and ex-aequo with Tora's reaction when Haru gives him his paycheck (not aware of tax deductions and bs company cuts) 
Best food:  well I think there is only one meal... but I agree eating a steamed bun has to be outside or in a car. 
Confession rate (an easy i like you will never get you in this rating): like I said, I love you or I like you cannot get you in... 

The Story: while uncomfortable Tora is driving around half dead Shiro, their relationship deepens. I usually find hard to be kept entertained around prostitute and/or yakuza environment and find it attractive. But here, it's hard. it's pain. It's still BL so it's gonna be somewhat OK. 

The art: I liked a lot her style. it's unposlished. it's raw. Luscious postures and positions are superbly drawn, the expressions as well. But what makes the art memorable here was the way she makes shiro being held. Either in sex positions or just in life, he lacks balance, like if he was going to fall on the ground because nothing matters anymore. 

The characters: I think it's harder to deliver maximum complexity in 1 volume than in 6 or more. Overall really good. I liked Shiro a lot. Not often we see someone that dark, that deep in his childhood trauma, acting on defense mechanisms.

Conclusion: I really liked Mods. If you want something short. If you are over polished sugar coated romantic seme/uke relationship. And if you want to step away from Harlequin, this will be a good wake up call. 

Thank you for reading, I'd love to hear your feedback, so leave me a comment! 

7/10 story
9/10 art
7/10 characters
8/10 overall
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Mar 20, 2021

This was painful, thank god we got that ending:(

?/10 story
?/10 art
?/10 characters
8/10 overall
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