Miss Not-So Sidekick

Alt title: Gugyeonghaneun Deulleoriyang

Ch: 139
2017 - 2020
4.194 out of 5 from 3,433 votes
Rank #935
Miss Not-So Sidekick

Hyejung loved to read to escape her daily stress. But that’s before she woke up inside the bizarre world of her favorite novel! Instead of the main heroine who courts three eligible men, she is now Latte Ectrie – a minor villain that everyone hates?! One way or another, it’s a chance to live out her most beloved storyline, with popcorn in hand to watch all the drama! Taking charge of the narrative takes on a whole new meaning!

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Miss Not-So Sidekick is about twenty-five year old Hyejung who escapes the stress of her daily life by reading. Or rather, that was her life up until the day she woke up as a character in her favorite novel series. And a minor side character villian at that. Her new name is Latte Ectrie, the daughter of a Viscount and she is determined to get front row seats to watch the series play out up close and personal, with popcorn in hand to watch the drama unfold in front of her. Determined to have the best seat possible she befriends the heroine Ibelin and uses her status as friend of the heroine to bait and tease two of the three love interests of the heroine, the Prince and the Duke, though she tiptoes around the third love interest Arwin, the master of the Magic Tower, who was known for his violent nature. The funny thing is... Arwin isn't following the plot like he should have been and why does he keep messing with her? Has he jumped ship? What's going on? I thought the plot sounded entertaining, if a bit overused, but since I enjoy isekai for the most part I thought 'why the hell not?' My expectations fell remarkably low after the first chapter or so, but when she meets the Duke for the first time... the hilarity of the meeting won me over fully and I was laughing myself to tears! x'D OMG, that was the BEST! x'D Latte is a take no prisoners, sarcastic, viciously hilarious, overly dramatic, comedic gem! I can totally see why Arwin is drawn to her rather than Ibelin as Latte makes him laugh and is the single most entertaining person in the entirety of that novel world. Holy crap, but the trouble she gets herself into and the funny situations she stumbles into! x'D The best part is that she's totally oblivious that he's interested more in her than Ibelin (takes her something like 117-ish chapter to realize she has feeling for Arwin and it takes him almost as long to realize what he's feeling for her is love lol). Not only that, but she, and all us readers, are getting mighty suspicious of the 'heroine' Ibelin because something is off about her (because I can't be the only one who thinks so... right?).    While the plot doesn't hit you in the gut, the comedy does (or rather it really hits you after Latte meets the Duke lol) and it's what will have you snickering or outright laughing each and every chapter as you demand more (I want more, so much more. Especially Arwin and Latte lol)! From Latte's secret job, to her invention of popcorn, to her inner ramblings, or outer antics the series has kept me thoroughly entertained and wanting to know what happens next! I love Latte's expressions and her encounters with the Duke are just... funny as hell! x'D Her encounters with Arwin though are the best and I adore how confusing she finds him as she tries not to piss him off all the while all he does is seem to deliberately piss her off! x'D Honestly, the series is actually far better than I thought it would be while at the same time being absolutely nothing like I thought! If you decide to read this series, don't expect in your face romance because it's very subtle for the vast majority of the series (*Spoiler* hell they don't actually kiss until chapter 127 *End Spoiler*), but the comedy is in your face and will leave you either snickering, or laughing like a crazy person (or a little of both, as that's me! :D). Anyway, this is definitely a series that I've enjoyed and am absolutely going to keep up with! I HIGHLY recommend this series for people who love comedy manhwa with the barest hint of romance! (well, for the majority of the series anyway) ^Latte, Arwin, and her 'Avatar' x'D


I might get impaled for my review because this generally seems to be well received. However, I want to preface this review by saying that I came to this manhwa because it was heavily recommended if you liked Beware the Villainess. Therefore, I was heavily anticipating something with a similar story flow but I was quite disappointed to say the least.  Beginning with the story, if you're looking for something with a cohesive plotline- you're not going to like this. This manhwa is much more similar to a slice of life, one-shot comedy storyline than one that revolves around a major plot point. Specifically, there are more chapters about meaningless conversation between side characters than there are chapters that progress the main plot. This irked me a lot because I anticipated some in-depth story progression because a lot was teased in the beginning. But sadly, it was all generally very shallow and the author doesn't spend much time on expending energy on getting too deep. Overall, generally very light-hearted with 0 angst so if you just want something to read for shits and giggles this is going to be your jam.  Moving on to the art style: if you don't like the art style initially- it doesn't get any better LOL. I was lowkey hoping for improvement but nah, Lotte remains the same even as she ages :'). IMO her final form reminds me of a middle schooler which is not really my cup of tea.  Characters: they're ok LOL. Very comedy-driven and everyone's not that deep. However, they all have their charms. Also, Lotte presents herself comedically 99% of the time. Meaning she rarely has serious scenes and is often the butt of the joke. Shes not graceful and is pretty juvenile. If this type of MC bothers you then I definitely wouldn't recommend. She stays like this even until the very end.  - Now time for the spoilers:  Storyline: The romance is super forced. To be honest, I don't know why the ML even liked the FL. Because she was stupid and funny? Idk it was so forced and the way he fell for her so fast and so hard was bleh for me. Unpopular opinion: it would've made more sense for her to end up the "second ML" Kenenth. She did so much for him regarding his past trauma that it would make sense for him to fall for her.  Moving onto the ending reveal with the main antagonist, it was so dam anti-climatic that I was shocked that that was how it ended. I thought there would be more to the plot but she just backs off after chatting with our FL? She literally fell off the face of the planet afterward (not including the prologue). I'm sorry wtf LOL. Idk I was pretty baffled and pissed off when I realized that was it HAHA. Especially because the final conversation was not really conclusive. The FL just basically trash talks the antagonist's personality and the antagonist just takes it and leaves? Uh ok. Also, another criticism is the fact that the author makes the ending in a third party perspective. It was so random and seemed so lazy on the part of the author. I was looking forward to seeing our FL getting ready for her big day but we were watching everything from the perspective of some random ass character.  Characters: Lotte was lowkey cringey. She fell for ML so quick simply because he's handsome. She played right into the damsel in distress plotline and fell in love with him officially after he saves her. I really didn't like how cliche their romance was. Also, I really thought they didn't have much chemistry. ML is just overly bold and Lotte fangirls over everything he does. Nothing about their relationship was charismatic for me if that makes sense. TLDR: their relationship just seemed very forced for plotlines sake.  Also, RIP the role of the prince. I thought there was a lot of potential with Lotte being able to befriend him but he literally disappeared halfway through. "Big" Spoiler: And i was under the impression that the antagonist lost the interest of all the men but she ends up pregnant with the prince? Wtf? LOL Spoiler End.   Anyways that's my two cents on this manhwa. 

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