Miss Makeover

Ch: 63+
2021 - ?
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Miss Makeover

Do Sulmi was so excited to start her new life as a freshman at Hanguk University, but she’s quickly discouraged after being incessantly bullied by her classmates for her looks and weight. Baek Dojoon on the other hand, has always been incredibly handsome and wildly popular amongst his peers. They’re both students in the Genetic Engineering program, which is in possession of the “Transbody,” a state-of the art machine that allows the user to change their human form into whatever they choose. After a late-night accident in the lab with the Transbody, Dojoon is left with an affliction where each night he involuntarily changes into a beautiful woman. Sulmi would do anything to escape her current body while Dojoon would do anything to return permanently to his old one. Will Sulmi and Dojoon be able to transform their fates and find a happy ending?

Source: Lezhin

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