Minor Monster Panic - Custom lists

Alt title: Monster Petite Panic

Minor Monster Panic
  • Fudatsuki no Kyoko-chan
  • Blood Soul
  • Black Dog
  • Beasts of Abigaile
  • A Certain Magical Index

Supernatural manga that need recommendations by LupaLunae

These are supernatural manga that don't have any recommendations yet. Help would be greatly appreciated in giving these recs! I'm slowly adding recs for these and for the manga on my other "needs recs" lists. This is a subset of...

  • A Couple of Handsome Men
  • A Broken Heart Flows
  • 3-pun Instant no Chinmoku
  • 1K no Ou-sama
  • 1/365 no Koibito

BL manga in need of recommendations by LupaLunae

This is another subset list of my other list "Manga that are seriously in need of recommendations" to make finding similar manga/manga you like easier. This is a list of some yaoi and shounen-ai manga that don't have any...

  • Itoshi no Nekokke
  • Only Serious About You
  • Silver Diamond
  • Like the Beast
  • Hanakoi Tsurane

°♡-BL Manga Mountain-♡° by UsagiDandere

May we both enjoy my loose want-to-read mountain! Many of them previously weren't marked with any BL tags so they weren't as easy to find but a-p has done a phenomenal job tagging everything now; therefore, this list is less...