Midnight Secretary

Vol: 7; Ch: 34
2006 - 2009
4.012 out of 5 from 1,718 votes
Rank #5,159
Midnight Secretary

Plain Kaya Satozuki has just accepted a position as a secretary for Kyouhei Touma, a young company director whose lecherous ways are renowned. While she initially believes Kyouhei is just a typical, lustful man, Kaya soon discovers there's far more to Kyouhei than meets the eye: he's a vampire, and he requires the blood of women to survive! However, he doesn't kill them - he seduces them and bites them gently in the climax of pleasure without leaving any marks behind. Now that she knows his secret Kyouhei insists she stay on board, scheduling his ‘meals' in tandem with her secretarial work. But soon, Kaya finds herself falling for Kyouhei and helping to feed him when needed. Thus begins Kaya and Kyouhei's troubled yet thrilling relationship that is filled with trials and tribulations aplenty.

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Midnight Secretary quickly became one of my favorite manga so far.  If you have an affinity for vampires, it's a good read and definitely a good alternative to other vampire manga/anime that deal will high school teenagers.  This is for mature audiences only.  There is sexual content and nudity. Satozuka Kaya is a secretary who takes great pride in her work.  Her face is very child-like, therefore, she pulls her hair in a tight bun and wears glasses to make herself appear more mature.  She works at the Touma coorperation as an assistant, but is transferred to the private secretarial position for the Director, Touma Kyouhei.  Soon after starting, she finds out (by accident) that her boss is a vampire.  He decides to keep her as a secretary since it would benefit him.  She soon begins scheduling his "meals" with numerous women, but soon, after an accident with a client, he is weakened and needs blood immediately.  Kaya offers herself up to the vampire and Kyouhei quickly realizes that her blood is the only blood that will satisfy his thirst from then on. Their relationship grows, but they have some inner problems.  Kaya isn't sure whether she is just a "meal" for him, just his secretary, or something more.  Kyouhei believes that Kaya is only doing her secretarial duty by keeping her boss in good health, which is what she says, but he wants her to let her guard down.  Kyouhei is also a very prideful vampire and it's looked down upon to fall in love with a human. There's also those who try to seperate the two.  Kyouhei's brother, Touma Masaki, and a female vampire, Marika.  The vampire clan becomes a big deal towards the end of the manga since Kyouhei is "losing his pride" as a vampire by loving a human and drinking fake blood. Kaya can be very childish at times, but most of the time she's fighting herself mentally trying to trust her boss.  Kyouhei is a very dominant person.  He's egotistical and hardly ever smiles.  At first, Kyouhei doesn't want Kaya as his secretary because she isn't good looking, but she quickly shows him that she's capable of doing any work he throws her way.  He says that she's the only secretary he'll ever have and that she's his forever.  Kyouhei refuses to let anyone else have her, which causes some problems when she is transferred to another coorperation. The progression of the characters is fantastic.  Both Kaya, Kyouhei, Masaki, and Marika grow so much during the course of the manga.  I loved watching as Kyouhei let his guard down and Marika began to accept that his pride had only grown more. I liked the way Kyouhei is drawn.  At first, I didn't, but after becoming aquainted with him...it fits.  The men are drawn in a bit more of an old fashioned way, but Kaya is beautifully drawn.  As far as, ease of read, it is.  It reads very easily and the story is easy to follow.  Everything is explained in detail, from the way blood tastes different for the vampires to his weaknesses to the handlings of the coorperation. Midnight Secretary has now become part of my top five manga.  I loved it!  It's a must read for anyone interested in romance or vampires.


I've been on a real manga kick recently. I've caught up to some of my favourite series, checked out spin-offs and popular series I never gave a chance, and discovered new series based on my likes and dislikes. One of the series I really liked (enough to get through four volumes, at least) was Midnight Children, a 2006-2009 manga by Tomu Omi, who I know for the fairly decent Barairo My Honey. The story revolves around Kaya, the private secretary to Kyohei Toma, the director of the Toma company. All is going well for her (despite Kyohei being quite sharp-tongued about her dress sense), until the day she discovers Kyohei's secret. He's a vampire. Le gasp. Oh, and she has a special type of blood that he's incredibly drawn to. 'And so the lion fell in love with the lamb.' 'What a stupid lamb.' 'What a sick, masochistic lion.' Sorry, sorry, but the plot is so much like Twilight I couldn't help finding that quote on IMDB. The vampires in this story are fairly by-the-book. They need blood, but don't kill the humans they feed from, and their bite doesn't turn someone into a vampire. It sounds awfully Twilight-esque, but hey, the series knows its vampires well and doesn't try to put a twist on the mythology or the well-known traits and weaknesses vampires have (like main vampire Mick in the TV series Moonlight explains... 'Garlic is actually tasty on pizza'), or wax lyrical about what a tough life vampires have, so kudos for that. This is a josei manga, targeted towards girls in their late teens and early twenties, and I have to say I quite like it already. Kyohei is your typical arrogant a-hole who crops up in almost every piece of romantic fiction nowadays (thank you Jane Austen, for starting that trend with Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice). Kaya, however, well, I find her a bit limp. She isn't quite bad enough to be a blank slate Mary Sue, because she's very intelligent, doesn't suffer fools gladly, and has shown she isn't one to be pushed around. But otherwise she's quite vacuous in terms of personality. However, she apparently becomes a lot better during the fifth, sixth, and seventh volumes. All in all, this is a very decent manga, and one I'm very much looking forward to finishing in the near future.

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