Metal Goddess Soldier

Alt titles: Iron Ladies, Tie Ji Gangbing

Ch: 393+
2016 - ?
4.339 out of 5 from 383 votes
Rank #1,176
Metal Goddess Soldier

College graduate Mu Siyun submitted his resume and suddenly became the head of a space fleet, leading thousands of mecha girl soldiers to conquer the universe!

Source: Qidian

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(no spoilers) Iron lady is an action ''mecha'' focused story, i personaly dont like mecha stories but i like this one. Story The story is straightforward and doesnt have alot of plots, if they had more specific plots that was ''story'' changing then i would have rated this higher. The story starts of high and keeps that momentum for some chapters, and then slowly spirals down and picks up high again. The arcs are interesting and makes u want to keep on reading to see how the mc handles the ''bad guy'' The story is funny sometimes but is more focused on action.  This is an form of ''Harem'' but not sexualy or any kind of that, which makes it a bit wholesome as well, to see how the mc treats the ''3000'' female soldiers. Art Some people isnt a big fan of the art, but i personaly like it, some of the fighting scenes are drawn really good.It is also full colour which is an pluss, it is really colourfull and pleasing to the eye. Characters The characters are not so complex and not alot of character developement, but that's okay since it's more story focused. Another thing about characters is that most of the female characters likes the mc, while most of the males hates him.idk if this is an metaphor, but for me it seems like the female are representing an political party, while the males represent the opposite political party, because the ''male experts'' tries to spin whatever the mc does to make the mc look bad. (Similar to how the Media spins everything to fit their political view)  OverallIts a good read 8/10, probably would have rated this higher if it focused more on character developement, and story plots. (but it's kinda unique since it focus more on straightforward story) (my bad if theirs any misspelings or wrong grammars) 

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