Menhera Shoujo Kurumi-chan

Alt title: Unstable Girl Kurumi-chan

Ch: 154+
2018 - ?
2.73 out of 5 from 19 votes
Rank #20,002
Menhera Shoujo Kurumi-chan

"My sister is beautiful, cheerful, bright, and family-oriented", but she is actually a mentally unstable girl. This is the story of the younger brother "Taichi" who is swung around by his older sister "Nanase Kurumi".

Source: MU

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Currently at chapter 134.  I found this manga through the stickers for whatsapp and such.   Story About a yandere girl with some mental disorders though not diagnosed directly, much to my suprise as the cute stickers implied differently.  It is presented as a comedy, that I can find somewhat enjoyable at few times but it is a mediocre story personally.  I must stress again that it is comedy, that portrays very serious subjects in such a "light hearted" way, I understand why people will like and dislike this.  If you have any triggers to mention of suicide and other dark subjects than I do not reccommend this and urge you to avoid this as it mentions these in, for lack of better word, insensitive way.  The main girl often casually says things along the line of "maybe I should just kill myself" as if it is nothing, so yeah.   Art The art is very cute and simple, not the best or the worse either but there is no notable fault in them.  I do reccommend checking out the whatsapp sticker of this manga as I find them very cute! Characters The main character is at first presented as the little brother of the yandere girl, but it is clear that the manga's focus is on the girl as opposed to her little brother.  Unfortunately, I cannot remember names so please bear with me: Yandere girl/Main girl: Her character is very toxic and possessive when in an relationship.  Her behaviour is extremly unstable.  She is willing to use her life to sort of make sure her boyfriend(s) will always love her.  When breaking up, she, herself, will have a break down which would make her siblings have to take care of her.  I personally find her character frustrating, she doesn't develop at all, its like one step forward one step back with her. Yandere's sister: I am unsure whether they are twins or she is the younger sibling.  She isn't exactly the most positive impact on the main girl as she does sort of feed into her behaviour at times.  The way she does this is by being blunt and somewhat insensitive, but this does prove to be a positive things for the Main girl sometimes suprisingly.  Overall, she is an mediocre sister, sometimes giving good advice, other times the latter.  She also has a much more stable love for an idol group. Yandere's brother: Probably the best character in here. Reacts accordingly and geniunly really cares for his sister.  Accepts the fact she is unstable and does try to help her, he is also unafraid to point out when she is going too far.  Though I can't help but feel that he should try to address her unhealthy behaviour a bit more.  He is one of those "wtf is going on here..?"/only one with common sense characters in a comedy story, yet does very little to help long term.   Overall It is a story that much lacks depth and plot in general.  It is fine to read if you have nothing to do in your free time but not something I could reccommend.  As I already said above, the way it presents the mental disorder the main girl clearly has is in a comedic way so I already knew it couldn't be a serious story, or one worth saying it was special in any aspect.

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