Memento Memori

Vol: 5+; Ch: 57+
2018 - ?
3.704 out of 5 from 49 votes
Rank #18,236
Memento Memori

Ichi's eyes show him things he doesn't want to see. For every person he looks at, he sees a clock counting down their remaining days of life. Knowing when everyone around him is going to die leaves him feeling disconencted from the world. But oen day, he sees a girl at school with only 78 hours left to live, and this causes him to change his attitude. Maybe this time will be different - maybe this time he can save someone!

Source: Mangamo

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NOT FOR PEOPLE WHO DON'T LIKE PSYCHOLOGICAL/CRIME SUPERNATURAL MANGA!!  MINOR SPOLIERS!!!!! This manga is excellent at captivating the attention of the reader with its simplistic but beautiful art style which really highlights the dark themes this story tells with slight humour. Also, the high quality of attention to detail with Kou-ki's (the manga author's) brilliant extensive fixation on eyes and drawing them beautifully captivates the true essence of the supernatural aspect of this story, similiar to Naruto and many other mangas. But aside from this short introduction, let me tell you my review of this manga. First of all, we are introduced to the main protaganist, Isshin, who (at first) seems to have this lone wolf/edgy type of character which can be obnoxious at times, but as the story begins to develop we see more of his character develop and that lone wolf tsundere type of character slowly fade. The story kicks off with us, the readers, being introduced to Isshin's new school in a new city as he tries to escape his death filled past with a more vibrant change of scenes; in this classroom we are also introduced to another protaganist called Midorikawa who vividly contrasts with the gloomy Isshin but still manages to befriend him and create good bonds. Secondly, we are introduced to another protaganist Haruyama who is revealed by Isshin's sharin--- future eye that she only has 78 hours to live which eludes to the question of possible suicidal thougths from Isshin towards Haruyama, leading to her annoyance and the scene that makes Isshin befriend Haruyama and help change her inevitable fate... Plot: The plot in this story is simple and very captivating but amazing and very engaging to readers of all age who like psychological manga, however the pacing in this manga is extremely poor and can be very annyoing to a reader but the mysterious plot can give the reader hope and makes them excited for the next plot reveal or explanation. Characters: The protaganists in this story share bonds that are very wholesome and pleasing to the reader as it is all about savouring the moment of happiness before death; an extremely key theme in this manga, which is seen to be almost inevitable at any given moment which can make the reader evaluate their life and look how life is taken for granted. Art style: Kou-ki's dark art style heavily encompass the semantic field of death and depression in this story excellently as it makes the reader really feel some of the emotions these every day characters feel in life full of mysterious, death and supernatural abillities. 

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