Meister (Narack)

Alt title: Maestros

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Nov 22, 2017

I'm actually really sad that the artist for this manga hasn't worked on anything else; the art is both rather unique, especially for manga, and incredibly well done. It it fully colored throughout, and despite only having flat colors, the linework provides more than enough details and shading. The only shortcoming is the faces sometimes look a tad awkward, but other than that, this is worth it for the art alone.

The story itself is kinda generic (SPOILERS AHEAD). Protagonist is born with an apparently lacking natural ability, and so is bullied/overlooked by everyone he meets. Angry asshole of a bully, terminally sick family member he has to care for, absent parents, shitty job, it's like a blend between tropes of shounen and another world/reincarnation setup. The main things that keep it interesting is that the MC doesn't become the strongest/best overnight; he works harder than most others for the better part of a decade, and does become skilled in a standar timeframe (rather than bullshit growth rates and/or demon powers most similar protagonists gets), and despite being very strong, he has a lot of trouble from both his personal issues, as well as the fantasy equivalent of job hunting without a contact or job experience, so that his struggles and reasons for not becoming a hero young feel real. So while it is somewhat generic, it is well done.

TLDR: it's only 24 chapters, and the story is finished well, so just go ahead and give it a read.

7/10 story
10/10 art
6/10 characters
8/10 overall