Vol: 5
2000 - 2003
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All problems are made to be solved by excessive use of military weaponry! Or, at least, that's what college student Nomoto-kun seems to believe. He's commonly called "Meisai-kun" (Camouflage-kun) by his classmates, due to the fact that he wears fatigues to class every day. Whether it's helping a classmate throw off a stalker, killing a wild animal, or going to the beach on holiday, Meisai-kun, his overly-militaristic friends and his enviable stash of weapons (and live ammo) are up to the task! His friends from class, two relatively normal girls called Tomo and Rie, keep him more or less connected to his normal life as a college student. Unfortunately, they often find themselves being pulled into his ridiculous, over-dramatic, military-esque situations!

Source: MU

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