Megumi and Tsugumi

Alt title: Megumi to Tsugumi

Vol: 4+; Ch: 21+
2018 - ?
4.571 out of 5 from 1,235 votes
Rank #296
Megumi and Tsugumi

When alpha male Megumi hears about a masked man with an iron pipe and a killer glare attacking people, he knows this spells trouble. When he summons the man in question, Tsugumi Yamada, the fearsome delinquent who appears crackles with hostility. Just when they're raring for a fight, omega pheromones drift to the alpha, bewildering him. That's when Tsugumi smugly says the unthinkable: the pheromones are coming from him! An omega is shocking enough, but for an omega to pick a fight while in heat, and without using any suppressants!!? Tsugumi's existence baffles Megumi. He's determined to do something about the heat. Bring on the unprecedented omega problem child!

Source: Renta!

Extra story: Kuroji to Harutsugu (volume 2)

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Hey, guess what? I'll review this too lmao. As far as i reviewe this, i only reached chap 14, so i must say that this review may change hahah. Story : This manga reminded me of "amarenbo honey" (?) Im not quite sure of the name but yea, it's totally similar. But i love this one much moreeee XD. The story started off kinda cute but really funny hahah, and it's fresh~. But well, the story after that is just ur usual "do i love him?" blablabla, but it's pretty enjoyable~  Art : Tbh, at first im not really sure to pick up this manga bcs of the artstyle.. bcs im not a fan on stylized artstyle. But after i read this, i realized the artsyle is actually pretty good :0 the characters are drawn pretty simple, but they're expressions are nice hahah. And tbh i want ro see them wear more clothes... And i didnt find any big flaws in the antomy that's bugging me at all, it's pretty nice ^^. Characters : I'll start this part with one sentence... I REALLY LOVE TSUGUMIIIIII !!!!! HE'S SO CUTEEEEEEE 😚❤️. Ok that's 2 sentences but whatevs. This manga is a romance-comedy so i wont comment abt how "alive" the characters are.. and instead i'll just comment abt how loveable thay are!! BUT OMG, I DIDNT KNOW THAY TSUGUMI IS THIS CUTE. Uwaaaa i wanna give him all the cakes in the world!! I like his fathers too- and his sister- idk why but i felt like his sister is so mature for a 9 y old... And tbh i'm not rlly a fan of megumi but.. well, he's nice. 🤡 Should you read this? Well.. if u're searching for a nice, fluffy manga.. THEN YES, YOU SHOULD READ THIS! 

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