Megami no Oni

Alt title: Joshin no Oni

Vol: 29; Ch: 256
2005 - 2014
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Megami no Oni

This is a tale about a deliquent in Hiroshima named Sagawa Yoshi a.k.a. "Giccho." His legend started with his involvement in an annual event called the Demon Festival when he was a kid. The festival is an event where people disguise themselves as demons and roam around the town attacking children. Any kid who can defeat a demon will be recognized as a "man among men." However, only the kid who can defeat any of the 4 strongest demons - Hayabusa, Manba, Hanya and Sakura - will be considered a "true man among men." Will Giccho be able to defeat one of the strongest demon's given that even his greatest rival doesn't stand a chance? 

Source: MU

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