MegaMan NT Warrior

Alt title: Rockman EXE

Vol: 13; Ch: 74
2001 - 2006
3.622 out of 5 from 136 votes
Rank #22,149
MegaMan NT Warrior

In the year 200X, the cyber network has spread to the four corners of the planet. Internet activities are supported by characters called NetNavis who reside inside an electronic device, and their users are known as NetOps. Lan Hikari is a young boy who chooses to battle his NetNavi known as MegaMan against others. With his exceptional skills, the Cybernet Criminal Investigations Department takes an interest in Lan and grants him a special license to battle the forces of evil that threaten DenTech City. Together, Lan and MegaMan will fight together to put a stop to the dark organization World Three and other nefarious foes that lurk in the Undernet!

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