Me and the Devil Blues

Alt title: Ore to Akuma no Blues

Vol: 5; Ch: 34
2003 - 2015
4.273 out of 5 from 102 votes
Rank #1,391
Me and the Devil Blues

Down in the Mississippi delta, RJ has a stable life and loving wife, but what he really wants is to play the blues better than anyone around - a dream he'd be willing to give up just about anything to attain. One night at the juke he hears a rumor that if a man stands at the crossroads at midnight and plays a song, the devil will appear and transform him into an expert bluesman in exchange for his soul. Later, in a drunken stupor, RJ accidentally does just that, dooming his happy life. With nothing to return to, he sets off on the road where he'll face gangsters, a small prohibition town determined to lynch him, and the devil himself.

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grandville's avatar
grandville Feb 4, 2011
Score 7/10

The mangaka/author is definitely knowledgeable when it comes to Robert Johnson and the myths surrounding him. But this is by no means a manga biography of Johnson. Given that there is very little verifiable information on the bluesman, the book takes a lot of liberties and, in my opinion, gets a bit far-fetched at times. 
The book's depictions of 30's blues clubs and such seem relatively authentic... read more

Thrawn's avatar
Thrawn Feb 27, 2013
Score 9/10

Story: Legend has it that if you stand at a crossroad at midnight and play your guitar, a man will come up to you and ask for it. If you give it to him, he'll tweak it and you'll play like no other. To be able to play music beyond measure, all it would take is your soul. The same legend goes for Robert Johnson, one of the most legendary bluesman in history. King of the Delta Blues, he is a bonafide legend. Me... read more



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