Mata Korosarete Shimatta no desu ne, Tantei-sama (Light Novel)

Alt title: Killed again, Mr. Detective. (Light Novel)

Vol: 4+
2021 - ?
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Mata Korosarete Shimatta no desu ne, Tantei-sama (Light Novel)

Sakuya Oitsuki is a half-baked high school detective whose father is a legendary great detective. He received another request to investigate today, and while he works hard at whatever job he gets, be it investigating an extramarital affair, or looking for a lost cat, he always seems to get wrapped up in a murder case wherever he goes. And worst of all, he always ends up as the murder victim?! Thanks to his special genetic makeup, he comes back to life each time, finding himself with his head on the lap of his assistant and partner Lilitea. And each time, she tells him, "Seems you were killed again, Mr. Detective." In this way, Sakuya literally risks his life again and again - as both a detective and as a murder victim - to solve one difficult case after another!


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