Master's Secret Baby

Alt titles: Prince's Private Sweetheart, The Prince's Private Baby, Wangjuede Siyou Baobei

Ch: 239
2017 - 2019
3.723 out of 5 from 574 votes
Rank #11,144
Master's Secret Baby

Drugged by her own sister for money, Xiaomo didn’t know what was happening when she woke with a gorgeous but domineering man in her bed. She ran and ran but she would soon discover he was their nation’s prince?! What’s worse, she’s pregnant with his child…can the two live happily ever after?

Source: Tapas

Content Warning

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Do you like Parent Trap? Do you like soap opera's? Do you want to read something that has similarities to those? If so, then this is right up your alley! Now, I'm going to start off by saying that this manhua is very, very, VERY flawed. It's not really much of a spoiler as it happens in the first few chapters so... the heroine Xiao Mo is essentially slipped a date rape drug so that her sister Qin Qin could get a $100,000 by giving Xiao Mo's virginity away to some pervy old guy. Mistakes happen and Xiao Mo ends up in the wrong room, but ends up being taken advantage of anyway. The sister Qin Qin finds out that the man her sister slept with is a Prince named Shao Chen of a neighboring country called Ning. Fast forward a bit and Xiao Mo finds out she's pregnant. Fast forward some more and she gives birth to TWINS, but falls into a coma after giving birth. Qin Qin and her mom pay the doctors to forge the birth records so that Xiao Mo doesn't know she had twins and Qin Qin takes off with one of the babies and takes off to Ning to claim that it was HER that Shao Chen slept with and the son was HERS rather than Xiao Mo's. Sounds like a soap opera doesn't it? -_-" So several years pass and Xiao Mo ends up going to Ning for school and while wondering the city her son Le Le has a run in with his twin Xuan Xuan. The two end up accidentally switching. Suspecting that they're twins the two genius boys set out to discover the truth and plan on how to get their mother and father together so that they could live as one family all the while taking turns switching places with each other (sounds like Parent Trap, does it not?). Of course, the path to love never did run smooth and Shao Chen has many admirers including his fiancee Qin Qin (who he only became engaged to for his son Xuan Xuan) and many vindictive people who are out for his blood for one reason or another... so yeah, LOTS of drama! I DID actually enjoy this manhua, but it had some serious flaws in the plot and in some of the characters. Because of those flaws the series isn't going to appeal to everyone, but regardless, I don't regret reading it.  And, it had a cute ending, if that helps...  

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