Master's Lesson

Ch: 3
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Master's Lesson

When Mr. Joo and Mr. Young tried to have sex, things went awry due to Mr. Young being too big down there. Eventually, Mr. Joo gave him a second chance due to how besotted Mr. Young seemed to him. The meticulously prepared Master's Lesson is finally starting!

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WHY IS IT ONLY THREE CHAPTERS LONG 😫😫 I AM LITERALLY ON THE VERGE OF TEARS BECAUSE I NEED THIS MANHWA TO BE LONGER. AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH WHY IS IT NOT LONGER 😭😭 I LOVED IT, MORE THAN I'VE LOVED ANYTHING. It is the fact that it took me almost 30 minutes to read it, bc I kept going back to reread a certain part. OMG THE WAY IT MADE ME FEEL (add to that I was listening to a manhwa playlist on spotify), AAAAH I CAN'T EXPLAIN IT. Anyway, I gotta start explaining why I loved it. First of all, I knew I was gonna like it because I like anything that its author/artist puts out. I might be biased, tho I don' think so, it is just that THEY HAVE A WAY A WAY TO MAKE ME FEEL THIS WAY. I can literally feel my heart racing as I am writing this. STORY 10/10 IT HAD SO MUCH POTENTIAL to be a longer series. I would have been there for every Lezhin update you bet, with my coins ready to drop. I get it, the premise is silly, like when I read it I was like 😃😃 okayyyyy but I would love to see more manhwas like this one, Seggs can be the center of the story but the character's depth can make it SO much interesting. Ye, I am admitting that the plot was basically just seggs 😐, but office workers AND A TSUNDERE AAAAAH, LAWD THE INTERACTIONS, AND WHEN CHIEF JOO SAID "fucking wake up" YOU BET I WAS UP RIGHT AWAY 😫🤚🤚 I loved it, i loved it, i fucking loved it. you know, THE MOTHERFUCKING ART 💗💗 MY EYES ARE BLESSED every time I read something from this author. The art is SO PRETTY, the color palette, the beautiful faces, the characters' clothing style, the details in the eyes AAAAAAAH EVERY SINGLE LITTLE THING IS SO PERFECT, I don't know how to explain it. I think that if a manhwa has good art, then I am more likely to like it, because I am sucker for pretty faces. I will never get tired of the joowon blueprint, it is such a handsome character, I MELT WHEN I see it. THE SEGGS SCENE *chef kiss* A PIECE OF THE RENNAISSANCE AND THE BEST OF THE BEST, and the reason why I enjoyed this manhwa as much as I did, the characters 🤩🤩 I would do anything to see their relationship develop even more. Chief Joo is the best power bottom, with the kinda tsundere personality I DIG THAT I DIG SO HARD. And Mr. Young.. LAWD HOLD ME OR I MIGHT GO WILD. He's a crybaby but at the end he turned out to be so cheeky when he basically tricked Chief Joo. I am the bitch that is head over heels for any guy that cries, and seeing his red face with tears 😫 and the way he can switch to be dominant AAAAHH MAN I WANT CHRACTERS LIKE THIS ANYWAY THIS RELATIONSHIP >>>>, like they tease each other and it's cute. It was so enjoyable, it got me smiling like a dumbass. The author added one panel sketches at the end of each chapter, that showed the charcters teasing relationship AY I CANT IT WAS CUTE, love when authors do this bc i feel like we get to know the chraters even more (especially in this one that was only 3 chapters long). On my way to reread it, bc honestly this is prob my best read of the year. I don't know it took me so long to pick it up, but ye a 10/10

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