Martial Peak

Alt title: Wu Lian Dian Feng

Ch: 3691+
2017 - ?
4.127 out of 5 from 2,576 votes
Rank #1,554
Martial Peak

The pinnacle of martial arts is solitary and lonely. It is an endless pursuit for unattainable heights as well. In order to surpass the limits of martial arts, growth and the will to survive in adverse situations is necessary. One day, Yang Kai, a disciple-on-trial (and floor sweeper) of the Lingxiao Martial Arts Sect discovered a Wordless Black Book. That marked the turn in his luck and the beginning of his martial arts journey.

Source: Qidian

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A typical popcorn cultivation novel.  Full of shallow, two-dimensional and barely sentient characters? Check. Dragged out pacing and recycled scenarios? Check.  Harem to appeal to male fantasy and represents female characters as sex objects? Check.  Elders, and people in positions of power being incredibly retarded to make the MC look smart? Check. MC is poweful because of a fruitious encounter, or in other words, luck? Check. The whole thing is just a build up for more people to know how amazing and overpowered the MC is? Check.  Incredibly long and covers alot of content? Check.  Stiff and rough art? Check.  Unoriginal and doesn't stand out? Check.  It fulfills all of the requirements.  This manhua has nothing going for it besides its incredible length. It's badly written, dragged out, has shallow characters and a generic protagonist. Yeah, I know, he's ruthless and all. He murders people and fucks jade beauties. That's not unique. He's not special. He's the same as any other cultivation novel protagonist.  It's a braindead manhua.  If you're an attentive reader who pays attention to details, don't read it. If you do want to read it, though, make sure to turn off half of your brain. I'm convinced that reading this kind of stuff can degrade your intelligence.  Anyway, this is a for teenagers--it's a teenager's wet dream. It's power fantasy, wish fulfillment, harem and all that. It's fast food. Give it a chance if you're new to this genre though. Your standards should be low so you could enjoy more. Read something bad like this.  Anyway, I gave it a 5 because it's in the cultivation genre. There is no competition. Would be too mean if I compare it to fictions outside cultivation, because I'd be forced to give it a 1. 

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