Vol: 15; Ch: 90
1996 - 2000
4.338 out of 5 from 1,372 votes
Rank #1,064

Kiro Aso is an astounding artist who spends her days cooped at home or in art club room, avoiding all contact with others – especially boys. Rei Kashino is a popular motorcycle enthusiast who seems to have it all: looks, personality, and an endless supply of hot babes throwing themselves at him. When the two cross paths one day by chance, no one could have suspected how close these polar opposites would grow to be, or just how many obstacles their love would have to overcome...

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There's so many things I want to say about this series that I don't know where to start. I am truly UNIMPRESSED with Mars, and I can't believe the author was allowed to go on with 15 volumes! o_O The story is very typical; boy meets girl, they fall in love and... and that's it. Nothing interesting really happens there, even though the author tries to throw some fair amount of dramatic events. Unfortunately the way all those events were presented, and how they unfolded, was very poor and didn't pique my interest at all. The virst volumes felt very rushed and I felt like I was being forced to accept everything that's happening without any explanation, kind of like: get over the fact that the main character was bullied by another girl, because from the next page they're gonna be best friends! Wow, really? The same thing was with the main characters being "so much in love", but honestly, I could not see that, there's no proof, I couldn't understand what kept them together (?) It is also funny, that the author decided to deal with pretty serious themes, that normally would evoke some kind of emotional reaction, yet she seemed unable to get the results. Not only I was not able to symphatize with any character, I felt absolutely nothing reading it. The art itself wasn't bad at all, however I felt like the character design didn't match the "image" the author was trying to achieve, and so I found the characters lacking and annoying cause they simply didn't make sense. It's a pity cause there was so much possibilities to make it good, the author gave them "dark pasts", but it seemed like it was too much for them to handle, and at the end all that wasn't even necessary there to begin with. Overall, soap opera gone wrong. Don't pick it up unless you're not very demanding and don't mind cliched events.


Mars is, in every way, a drama. It's basically a soap opera. Shy girl meets bad boy, they fall in love.......the book ends happily. The stuff in between is just drama for the sake of drama.  Story As I said, it's just a soap opera. Cute enough story, but way, way too much drama for me. I'm not only into realistic manga, of course, but this tries so hard to pass as such it made me dizzy. Its exaggerated and dramatic nature is unrealistic and downright unnecessary at times - but, of course, that's not to say it's all smiles and laughs 15 volumes through.  Although the story wasn't for me, I can't say it completely lost my interest, as I did make it to the finish, and occasional twists (often pretty dark) kept me reading on, too. Art The art was good - very much 90s/early 2000s style manga, which I actually really like, it's nostalgic Characters At first, they seemed unique enough, but it didn't really seem like they grew much. It was like they kept making the same mistakes and it got annoying after a while. They had redeeming qualities, of course, but I fee, too, like the heroine wasn't as strong a lead as she could have been - it was like Rei had to fix everything, all the time. There was, however, more to (most) of the characters than initially seen, and the way the manga delved into them was interesting. Overall If you like dramas or soap operas, read this, because that's what you're getting. If you want a romance that's going to last 15 volumes, read this. If you want a happy ending and a "soulmates" type match, read this. But if you want a realistic, life-doesn't-always-turn-out-right type of story, leave Mars on the shelf. It wasn't really my thing, but it could be yours. I guess I'd say, if you're on the fence, give it a chance. Plenty of people liked it a lot more than me.

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