Marrying the God of Lightning

Alt title: Kaminari-sama to Enmusubi

Ch: 3
2020 - 2021
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Marrying the God of Lightning

Tsutau is a folklore expert and an average man with no romantic experience, but he's also skilled at using various spells. On one very rainy day, he hears lightning strike his house. When he goes to inspect the damage, he finds a strange, well-built man in a kimono, who tells him that he fled from an attack. For some reason, the man doesn't get wet from the rain, and a bright aura surrounds him. When his hood comes off, it reveals golden eyes and horns... He's obviously not human, but the mystery deepens when he drags Tsutau into his first kiss. It escalates further when the man starts to lick him all over, which makes him hard. The mystery man proclaims himself Kenzoku, the god of lightning, and informs Tsutau that he plans to eat him while he gets him off. Tsutau can't resist his charms, but he won't sit back and let himself be eaten...!!

Source: Renta!

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