Maria the Virgin Witch

Alt title: Junketsu no Maria

Vol: 3; Ch: 25
2008 - 2013
3.701 out of 5 from 42 votes
Rank #16,541
Maria the Virgin Witch

Maria is a young witch living in France during the Hundred Years' War. She despises warfare and does everything in her power to stop the violence, but her good intentions are not always appreciated. Many people see her as an interfering interloper; and the church, fundamentally opposed to witchcraft, has decided that Maria is a sinner in need of redemption. To make matters worse, agents from Heaven have started bothering her as well, displeased with her use of magic to influence humanity's free will. The archangel Michael finally forbids further interference with earthly affairs, and decrees that if Maria ever loses her virginity, she'll lose her powers as well! He sends his agent Ezekiel to keep an eye on the virgin witch and keep her out of trouble, but constraining such a free spirit to the laws of heaven might be a lot harder than he thinks!

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