March Comes in Like a Lion

Alt title: 3-gatsu no Lion

Vol: 14+; Ch: 157+
2007 - ?
4.428 out of 5 from 281 votes
Rank #432
March Comes in Like a Lion

Rei Kiriyama is a 17-year-old professional shogi player who suffers from anxiety, depression, and loneliness. Unwanted by his relatives after he loses his family in an accident, and resented by his adopted family's children, Rei moves into his own apartment in Tokyo to avoid inconveniencing others. He uses his talent at shogi to earn a living, but doesn't take care of himself, and is reluctant to ask others for help. Soon after his arrival, the boy meets the Kawamoto family: a trio of sisters and their grandfather who run a traditional Japanese pastry shop. They too have dealt with pain and loss, but their warmth and loving-kindness are balm for Rei's anguished spirit.

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Lexter Jan 30, 2019
Score 9.5/10

How come there is now review for this amazing manga? 

Without spoiling anything, If you like some feels that don't come from epic plot twists but from just kindness and drama this manga is for you. It has great shojo esc art, very relateble characters well developed diverse side characters and everything flows nicely. Yes there is a lot of metaphore and teenage angst but it feels real and comes from... read more

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