Maou na Ore to Ghoul no Yubiwa

Alt title: Maou na Ore to Fushi-hime no Yubiwa

Vol: 3; Ch: 18
2012 - 2014
3.664 out of 5 from 275 votes
Rank #9,703
Maou na Ore to Ghoul no Yubiwa

Kusumi Chiharu gets a message one day that he has been selected as a Monster Tamer, and he is prompted to select his first partner. He thinks little of the message until he receives a giant package the following day. He assumes it's the porn books he ordered, but the huge box ends up containing the unconscious body of a mostly naked girl! She's a ghoul named Zonmi, who intends to fight with him as his partner. However, it turns out that other hot girls at his mostly-male high school are also magical creatures, and Zonmi may not be the only one who wants to fight by his side!

Source: MU

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