Mao Dante

Alt title: Demon Lord Dante

Vol: 3
3.264 out of 5 from 47 votes
Rank #34,932
Mao Dante

The great demon Mao Dante, exploiting the weakness of a boy exposed to his demonic influence in his dreams, is awakened from a thousand-year sleep. The intent of this being, a survivor of an ancient and forgotten civilization, is to wipe out the whole human race.But it's not that simple: the motivations of the demon aren't so wicked as one might think, and they will combine with the life of the boy, which hangs between nightmares and craziness. In the meanwhile, the Satanists fight against the hierarchy of the church to obtain a justice which is, as it's easy to guess, that of the demon Mao.

Source: MU

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