Manyuu Hiken-chou

Vol: 7; Ch: 46
2007 - 2012
3.644 out of 5 from 22 votes
Rank #21,954
Manyuu Hiken-chou

It is currently the Taiheimeji Era. It is a reign ruled by the Tokugawa shogunate. Inside this shogunate, there is a group of warriors that support the government. They are the Manyuu Clan. In this current era, breasts mean everything. If you have breasts, you are guaranteed wealth and popularity. If you lack them, you are rarely considered "human". Members of the Manyuu Clan help raise the future big breasts. Written on a secret scroll possessed by the clan, there is said to be various techniques on how to grow big and beautiful breasts. Chifusa is to be successor of the clan. However, she takes the secret scroll and runs away with it, hoping to fight against the cruel world that the Manyuu Clan has created.

Source: MU

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Manyu Hikencho, created by Hideki Yamada, who is better known as Konchiki in the H-manga community. The series, with its eye-catching title that literally translates to 'Magic Breast Secret Sword Scroll', promises a ridiculous blend of ninja action and ample fan service. As one can tell by the cover, the manga employs excessive fan service, presenting female characters with exaggerated proportions and placing a heavy emphasis on their physical attributes, particularly their breasts.Manyu Hikencho is another example of a softporn ecchi manga that should have been a straightforward hentai, and softporns, as any rational person would know, are inherently worse at both being sexy compared to actual porn and also worse artisticly than non-pornographic media, it exemplifies the unfortunate trend of straddling the line between a softcore pornography manga and a straightforward hentai. In this perplexing endeavor, it manages to fall short in both its attempts to be erotically enticing and artistically substantial. The inherent shortcomings of softcore pornographic works become glaringly apparent when compared to their unabashedly explicit counterparts, which offer a more direct and unambiguous approach to sexual content. Furthermore, it's foray into the realm of pornography inhibits its potential to explore more profound themes and deliver a genuinely captivating narrative, leaving it artistically lacking in comparison to non-pornographic media.Rather than embracing a clear direction and fully committing to the explicit nature of the genre, it straddles an ambiguous middle ground. It attempts to titillate readers with its provocative scenes and exaggerated portrayal of female characters, particularly their physical attributes such as breasts. However, this diluted approach ultimately robs the manga of the raw and uninhibited sensuality found in explicit adult material. It fails to evoke the same level of arousal and passion that dedicated hentai works effortlessly achieve, leaving readers dissatisfied and yearning for a more unapologetic exploration of sexual themes.Moreover, the artistic merits of suffer due to its compromising nature. By attempting to cater to a horny audience, it fails to fully excel in either realm. The frequent emphasis on sexual content detracts from the potential for intricate storytelling, character development, and thematic exploration that can be found in non-pornographic media.While some may argue that the fusion of explicit content and storytelling can offer a unique and multifaceted experience, it's execution does not successfully strike this delicate balance. Its attempts at being both sexually provocative and artistically compelling result in a disjointed and unsatisfying amalgamation. It fails to capture the unbridled passion and unabashed exploration of the experience that can be found in well-crafted pornographic works, while also lacking the artistic depth and substance that characterises non-pornographic media.Despite the narrative is often overshadowed by the constant focus on sexual content. The manga has managed to cultivate a dedicated following within certain circles of horny enthusiasts who appreciate its unique blend of explicit content and ninja swordplay, with entire fan articles on just characters' breasts. The narrative structure is disjointed and lacks any sense of coherence. The manga jumps from one unrelated scenario to another without providing a clear overarching storyline or purpose. It seems as though the author simply uses these disconnected episodes as an excuse to indulge in more scenes of gratuitous fan service.First and foremost, our hapless protagonist, Chifusa Manyuu, ventures on a purportedly noble mission to defy the oppressive standards imposed by her own family, the Manyuu Clan. However, her rebellion takes a bewildering detour, fixating on the superficial notion of breast supremacy. The narrative fixates on Chifusa's ability to absorb breasts to augment her own, as if this absurdity were the pinnacle of empowerment. For instance, in one chapter, Chifusa encounters a woman whose breast size surpasses her own, and rather than engaging in meaningful character development or social commentary, the storyline devolves into a competition of breast enlargement techniques. This reduction of empowerment to a mere spectacle of anatomical manipulation renders any potential depth or substance utterly futile. In another instance, Chifusa encounters a group of kunoichis who were depicted as jealous rivals engaged in a bizarre contest to see who has the largest breasts. This degrading portrayal reduces these characters to mere caricatures and silly stereotypes that reduce them to objects of competition and measurement.As the story unfolds, readers are subjected to an unrelenting onslaught of preposterous bosoms that defy gravity, reason, and basic human anatomy. The author seems to have stumbled upon a revelation that the key to societal harmony lies in the capricious nature of mammary measurements. Take, for instance, the scene where Chifusa confronts an adversary, whose breasts are so gargantuan that they become weapons themselves, capable of launching projectiles. Such ludicrous portrayals serve no purpose other than to appease the prurient interests of a certain segment of readers. The supporting cast fares no better, they are similarly one-dimensional, existing solely as eye candy for the horny readers. Each character reduced to a hollow stereotype designed to facilitate further anatomical exaggeration and narrative redundancy. The brainless sidekick, for instance, provides a ceaseless stream of vapid banter and mindless antics that add no substance to the story, merely existing as a prop for cheap comic relief. Similarly, the antagonists, driven by an irrational obsession with eradicating cleavage, embody the epitome of one-dimensional characters. Their motivations, compared to their breasts sizes, are as flimsy as a paper-thin page, lacking any depth or complexity that could generate meaningful conflict.One may reluctantly acknowledge the artistry displayed in the illustrations, with its painstaking attention to every conceivable variation of breast size, shape, and bounce. However, this visual prowess proves to be nothing more than a facade, cleverly employed to distract from the absence of substance or coherent storytelling. The intricate depictions of breasts become a calculated ploy, a smokescreen intended to ensure that readers are perpetually fixated on their presence, regardless of whether it contributes to any semblance of narrative coherence or intellectual stimulation.The thematic bankruptcy seeps into every aspect of its narrative structure. The plot, if it can be called such, meanders aimlessly without a coherent sense of direction or purpose. The story arcs lack any meaningful progression, with events unfolding in a haphazard manner that feels more like a disjointed collection of random encounters than a cohesive narrative. Characters pop in and out without rhyme or reason, their appearances serving no purpose other than to introduce yet another excuse for gratuitous breast-centric scenarios.Consider the scene where Chifusa stumbles upon a secret society that worships breasts as divine objects. While this premise could have been an opportunity to explore themes of cultural obsession or critique societal objectification, the manga instead reduces it to a parade of absurd rituals and nonsensical rituals, with characters chanting hymns to mammary glands and engaging in bizarre ceremonies that serve no discernible narrative purpose. It becomes painfully evident that the author is only interested in indulging in horny fantasies than in crafting a story with substance or meaning.The dialogue is equally uninspired, serving as a vehicle for trite innuendos and cringe-inducing one-liners. Characters speak in stilted and contrived ways, their exchanges lacking any semblance of natural flow or genuine emotion. Instead of engaging in thought-provoking conversations or displaying authentic human interactions, they spout off shallow remarks about the size or shape of breasts, perpetuating the manga's obsession with its one-dimensional theme.Furthermore, the manga's attempt at humour falls flat on its face. The supposed comedic moments are reduced to a series of tired gags and predictable punchlines, relying heavily on the tired trope of slapstick and sexual innuendos. For instance, in one scene, Chifusa accidentally gropes a fellow kunoichi's breasts, leading to a cascade of exaggerated reactions and over-the-top physical comedy. Such moments not only fail to elicit genuine laughter but also reduce characters to mere pairs of breasts and horny male fantasy.Even the art, while technically proficient, serves as a hollow vessel for the manga's misguided priorities. Detailed illustrations of breasts, meticulously rendered in various sizes and angles, dominate the pages, overshadowing any attempts at creating visually captivating environments or compelling character designs. Backgrounds are often sparse and lacking in detail, as if they are mere afterthoughts in the grand scheme of breast-centric imagery.While the concept of a historical setting with a focus on ninja martial arts and secret techniques holds potential, the execution is marred by its exploitative portrayal of shallow female characters and the lack of cohesive storytelling. The manga relies heavily on fan service and titillation, which not only undermines its artistic integrity but also fails to offer the social commentary or thought-provoking themes that fans claim. It merely caters to a narrow and voyeuristic audience and cynically exploits base desires, sacrificing genuine artistic merit for mindless titillation. What initially holds the claimed promise by the pretentious, dishonest, deceiving fans as social commentary quickly crumbles into a vacuous exercise in creative impotence. To illustrate this further, consider the conclusion of the manga, where Chifusa's quest for breast supremacy is abruptly resolved with a contrived revelation that renders all previous events inconsequential. This narrative cop-out serves as the ultimate betrayal to readers who had hoped for a meaningful and satisfying conclusion, not that I was expecting something meaningful from this manga. It stands as an unequivocal pinnacle of disappointment, an affront to the very essence of storytelling. Its relentless pursuit of shallowness and titillation leaves no room for substantive engagement or emotional resonance. Only those who seek the ultimate nadir of artistic integrity, an insatiable craving for banality, could find solace in this appalling manga.Moreover, its ambiguous position between softcore porn and hentai leaves it caught in a disconcerting middle ground. Its inability to fully embrace its erotic nature hampers its effectiveness in delivering a truly enticing and arousing experience. This compromise undermines its potential to be artistically significant, falling short in comparison to non-pornographic media that can delve into complex themes and offer thought-provoking narratives. As a result, Manyu Hikencho fails to achieve excellence on either front.

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