Mantis Woman

Alt title: Kamakiri Onna

Vol: 1; Ch: 6
3.363 out of 5 from 29 votes
Rank #14,010
Mantis Woman

Get ready for spine-tingling chills in this creepy anthology filled with ghoulish neighbors, a supernatural serial killer, and other creatures feasting on fear and blood. Pity any innocent bystander that stumbles across their paths, for her life will be forever altered... That's if she even survives!

Source: Studio Ironcat

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So this is a rather interesting manga but sadly the stories were just cut short. Each one did give you a small scar but in the end, none of them really stood out all that well. The horror was supposed to build up and in two or three they did but then seemed to lay flat during the middle of their story or made no sense even in horror logic. I guess the one I did like was the Koala is Watching because it did give me a small chill up my back (But then it fell flat again). What I liked about the stories that they all seemed to be made up of Urban Legends, they had that same feeling that the story was just going to keep repeating over and over again. Some would live from the tale and would keep retelling the tale and others would die right on the spot. But in the end, since they were so short, I had to ask where the full build up was going to come from. The artwork is so-so, not that great but also not bad either. Again, nothing really stood out as each had the same style of artwork. And the characters are hard to pick out because they look so similar. Many times I thought that a character was from another story only to find that her name was supposed to be different. They were more like no named actors on a horror set just waiting to be killed off and even the main characters sadly were like that. All in all, I liked it but it lacked a lot. I could think of many others that are better to read then this one if you want Horror. If you don't care, then go ahead and try it out for yourself.

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