Maniac Road

Alt title: Road of Maniac

Vol: 3; Ch: 23
2002 - 2003
4.135 out of 5 from 35 votes
Rank #2,434
Maniac Road

A comedy about the run down Ijima Electronics and Appliance store, located in the back streets of Akihabara (the Mecca of electronics in Japan). On its last leg, the store had nearly gone out of business, until three sisters- the store owners- hire the resourceful Takezou. With a stroke of genius, Takezou has the sisters dress in costumes and refashions the store into the perfect shopping ground for Japanese otaku.

Source: ComicsOne

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JAhU Sep 19, 2011
Score 6/10

I picked up this manga at random and I was pleasantly surprised. It's certainly not the best thing ever and it felt cheesy at times, but was quite enjoyable most of the time. Maniac Road is a manga about a hard-working otaku who opens a shop in Akichabara. It also about 3 sisters who actually own that shop. It's very fun to read, but has one major flaw: the last chapter is a total bummer... The art isn't... read more

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