Alt title: Yeolgwang

Ch: 60
2020 - 2021
4.311 out of 5 from 533 votes
Rank #3,238

Former thug Choi Mun-hyeok will do anything to protect his younger siblings. When he’s defeated in an underground fight club and sold in an auction to Seo Yeonjin, he reluctantly allows himself to be put on a leash for his family’s sake. Yeon-jin, on the other hand, doesn’t care much for family. In fact, he intends to cause a scandal that will outrage his billionaire father by embarking on a twisted, carnal affair with Mun-hyeok. All Mun-hyeok needs to do is serve Yeonjin well, in work and in bed. However, their passionate encounters might turn into something greater than they bargained for. After all, the line between passion and madness is a thin one…

Source: Lezhin

Content Warning

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The art is so beautiful it's a must read! **WARNING!! SMUT, GANGSTER STORIES, SUICIDE, BLOOD** The story was amazing it kept me just wanting to keep reading but feeling angst at what's to come and damn the ending was bittersweet but the side stories make it worth it  xD  I love being proven wrong with characters and where the plot will go, this story was very well and entertaining with a lot of hot smut.  **OVERVIEW AND SPOILERS ** Ml buys Mc At a fight club and they save each other in the end. At first they are purely just sex partners to bring distaste to ml father. Mc is still hung up on his previous owner **whom I suspect actually loved him but couldn't say it** and with the art style the previous owner and the ml look very much a like just one has tattoos xD I loved how ml got jealous over the previous owner whom is dead and he started wanting more from Mc. The way their feelings and character overall change is so amazing. I wished ml would've thought more about his son but s/o to his ex wife who took care of all those kids and damn well raised em. I love their jealousy through the story and how much the care for each other it was so damn beautiful. Ugh, I wished there was a different way for it to end :(( I hate they didn't see each other for 8 years.. 5 due to jail but 3 years because ml disappeared yet was worried Mc wouldn't find him -_- he should've told his friend where to find him and they could've spent 3 more years together but whatever xD  Overall I highly recommend reading this!!it's really well done, I only give it a 9 cause some characters irked me and their way of things I disliked **like ml having sex with the other dude for Intel and calling Mc and having him come have sex with him after eachtime -_-** MUST READ FOR YAOI LOVERS PLEASE.

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