Manga Sutra

Alt title: Futari Ecchi

Vol: 88+; Ch: 850+
1997 - ?
3.711 out of 5 from 443 votes
Rank #17,056
Manga Sutra

Makoto, a 25-year old virgin, struggles to find girls, which is why his parents set up an omiai (match making) for him. Before he knows it, he's sitting at the same table as the beautiful 25-year old Yura, struggling to make conversation. At first, Makoto strongly suspects the omiai is a failure, but one week later, he receives a phone call from Yura asking him out on a real date! Three months pass, romance blossoms, and Makoto finally racks up the courage to propose to Yura. However, no sooner has she said yes, when another problem presents itself: after the wedding comes the honeymoon and intimacy... and for Makoto, a veteran virgin, nothing could be more fraught with obstacles than the female body!

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