Vol: 7; Ch: 67
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16 year-old Sonoda Haru has a crush on his classmate Honda Chikako, who is not only popular but athletic, smart and incredibly hot, while Haru is just average. He has been dealing with this feeling for months without making any progress until one day he is forced to purchase a welcoming cat off a random person on the street. It turns out that, as the 10,000th user of the welcoming cat, a real life walking, talking, and breathing welcoming cat named Maneki Nekotaro. Nekotaro has come to grant Haru any wish, and the only thing he has in mind is being with Chikako. But Nekotaro’s expertise is in finance-related issues and has no experience with romantic problems. Will Haru ever be able to be with Chikako?

Source: MU

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