Manchuria Opium Squad

Alt title: Manshuu Ahen Squad

Vol: 15+; Ch: 160+
2020 - ?
3.968 out of 5 from 25 votes
Rank #4,844
Manchuria Opium Squad

Here in Manchuria, the cheapest thing you'll find is a person's life. In 1937, Isamu Higata is sent to the Japan-controlled Chinese puppet state of Manchukuo to serve in its standing army. After losing sight in his right eye during battle, he's banished to an agricultural facility where he's constantly abused by the commanding officers. Then, in a dusty corner, he discovers a field of poppies, the raw materials for opium. In order to raise money for his seriously ill mother, Isamu decides to produce the illicit drug-a choice that sends his future and the fate of all Manchuria into directions unknown.

Source: Kodansha

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