Mako to Rumi to Chii

Alt title: Mako, Rumi, and Chii

Vol: 1; Ch: 17
1979 - 1981
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Mako to Rumi to Chii

Depicts the daily lives of cartoonist Ohsamu Tetsuro, who strongly resembles Tezuka Osamu himself, and his family. It all begins with the birth of his first so who is named Makoto (Mako) and grows to be a healthy 2 year-old, basking in the love of his orderly mother and careless father. The son is followed by two daughters, one named Rumiko (Rumi), and the other named Chiiko (Chii). As the years pass, the hustle and bustle increases inside the Ohsamu family.

Source: MU

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