Making Babies with Brother: Let's "Mate" 100 Friends!

Alt title: Oniisan to kozukuri ★ homodachi 100nin dekiru ka na?

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Making Babies with Brother: Let's "Mate" 100 Friends!

Finally, my childhood dream came true, and I became a host of an educational TV show! Soon filming starts, and first up is some fun aerobics... Wait... People are fondling my butt... and my nipples... and grabbing me down there! What the?! Something's wrong with this production! Kento, my on-screen partner, keeps teasing me in an erotic manner... "OK, now time for the Baby-Making March!" Then he pushes me down, strips me naked... and as some fun music plays, all of a sudden it's time for male-on-male "impregnation"! Stick it in! Move! 1, 2, 3, 4!

Source: Renta

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