Makikomarete Isekai Teni suru Yatsu wa, Taitei Cheat

Vol: 3+; Ch: 20+
2017 - ?
3.799 out of 5 from 343 votes
Rank #5,954
Makikomarete Isekai Teni suru Yatsu wa, Taitei Cheat

One day 's lunch break, suddenly a male high school student Yuzo Ogata who has been transferred to another world of sword and magic together with four other friends. According to the Princess of Space-Time Magician, a foreign world who summoned them, they want them to beat the Demon Lord as Heroes to save this world. Suddenly I was surprised at four friends "Temple", but it was a relaxing expression ... ... where the princess told of a startling fact!" "―There should only be four braves though?" A man who was mistakenly summoned to a different world.

Source: MU

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nathandouglasdavis Jun 7, 2019
Score 3/10

In chapter 18, Kyosai hears about the Demon World and he ponders whether or not a Demon King could exist. The thing is, though, that he shouldn't have any reason to ponder since when he was first summoned to that world the king told him that they were summoned to help defeat the Demon King. It's ironic because it seems like even the author has forgotten what happened earlier in the story and the biggest... read more

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