Maihime Terpsichore

Vol: 10; Ch: 72
2000 - 2006
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Maihime Terpsichore

Late into the school year, Sudo Kumi transfers into Shinohara Yuki’s class. Kumi is androgynous and considered unattractive; so much so that people mistake her for a boy. She comes from an incredibly poor family with an abusive drunk father and the only thing she looks forward to is learning ballet from her mean aunt. On the other hand, Yuki lives in a very loving family where she started learning ballet at a young age from her mother who runs a class at the studio. Yuki notices that Kumi does ballet from the way she walks, her posture and flexibility, but with Kumi being introverted, she doesn’t get a chance to communicate with her. But little do they know, they will influence each other to make life changing decisions.

Source: MU

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