Maid - Reviews

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Sep 10, 2021

Do not read this comics its total blsht. But if you want for any reson to read it just for story just read first 2-3 episodes and then last one.

This story is a big mass things doesnt make sence. Every girl in this is a whore i wanned to put score 2 for story but last episode was actually funny for some reson but sadly 30-35 chapters of this are all same they, just new character so boring. I dont even know for whatever reson there are kiidnaperes in here. 

Art holy this thing is done terribly first of all girls look like alianes with those big forheads second characters are not made in same pick as backround if you look at any pictures best seening on bet you can clearly see that they just put there in some  editor and they not realy blending in the picture whoever who drew this must be so lazy even parts when someones going into bed expect paralized guy doesnt use blanked the problem isnt he he or she need to use it but it feels like that person levitate on that bed. Art done here is just so lazy all girls are same just hair change. So dissapointing.

Oh god characters here are so dumb  first of all how tf paralyzed guys is looking like he is working nonstop every single day im working out and holy i dont have this body like him and im not paralized idk what he takes but even Arnold would blush if he saw this. His father is total moron, most naived guy in history for example his house got intruder there raped his maid there but he did nothing to secure his house like wtf. All girls are sluts here. Lastly i would like to look at MC (redhaired woman) i give her at the end she did good but it got me questioned why tf she did some things that she did (photoshots for example). I didnt like any cahracters.

Just dont read this there are so many better comicses overall and if you want to fap just go for p*rn or hnt** u do way better.

I would give it 1 but last chapter saved it so i give it 2.

3/10 story
1/10 art
1/10 characters
2/10 overall