Mai-chan no Onee-san Shiiku Gohan.

Vol: 4+; Ch: 20+
2019 - ?
3.811 out of 5 from 22 votes
Rank #11,843
Mai-chan no Onee-san Shiiku Gohan.

In a town where the train only comes a few times a day, where there's scarce entertainment, where there's only one local supermarket and rice paddies as far as the eye can see, in such a rural town, one day Mai, an elementary schooler who lives with her father, has a fateful encounter with a fallen beauty. With blonde hair and wearing a sailor uniform, the girl looks as if she was a princess straight out of a picture book... but, in reality, she can barely feed or clothe herself, not to mention that she's in serious need of a bath. What’s more, she’s uncommunicative and socially inept -- truly lost cause. Unable to just watch, Mai begins to take care of the girl and cook homey meals for her. Using her small hands, Mai provides the mysterious beauty with a taste of a mother's cooking. Her maternal inclinations tickled from the charm and hopelessness of the girl, Mai thinks to keep her as a pet…!?

Source: MU

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