Vol: 12; Ch: 62
1999 - 2006
4.026 out of 5 from 238 votes
Rank #3,098

At the old-fashioned Japanese boarding house Narutakisou, Shiratori lives with a diverse yet strangely-similar group of tenants. Under the tender care of landlady Aoba Kozue, Narutakisou provides a home to people whose personal lives are all painful in one way or another; yet together, somehow, they make up a true family. Not only does Shiratori find a home at Narutakisou, but he also finds himself in love with a girl who is far more than the sum of her parts.

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Mahoraba is a manga that I stumbled upon on accident on MangaFox after hearing some good things about it from other members. I had been in a rut of reading super fighting, shonen manga and wanted a change of pace so I decided to give this a shot. The overall presentation of the manga is absolutely amazing and I soon found myself sucked into the story and unable to leave. The characters are all very likeable and are explored to show why they act the way they do. The whole cast for the most part are always together and that helps with the comedy aspect of the manga. It has a very slap-stick style humor (which when done correctly, I love) that works really well with the story. In the heart of this manga, it is a Slice of Life with overtones of Comedy and a heart of Romance. The developing love between Kozue and Shiratori is fun to enjoy as the awkward phase of teenage love is present. The drawings are very well done with my only gripe being that the characters appear too young. The cast for the most part are in the late teens (except for the older parent figures and one child) but they appear to be in early middle school. The length of the manga is a strong point as I do prefer a well explained lengthy manga. The best thing that this manga offers is the ending which I am not going to spoil but believe me, it is the best conclusion I have ever witnessed in any form of art and entertainment. Overall if you are looking for a great slice of life manga with touches of comedy and a developing romance, then I strongly encourage you give this one a try. My favorite manga of all time :D Enjoyment: 10/10 *EDIT* Full review coming soon

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