Magical Girl Apocalypse

Alt title: Mahou Shoujo of the End

Vol: 16; Ch: 64
2012 - 2017
3.523 out of 5 from 821 votes
Rank #27,860
Magical Girl Apocalypse

All Kii Kogami wants is to have a normal, boring life. But when a horde of homicidal magical girls descends and kills almost all of his classmates, turning them into undead monsters, Kii's dreams vanish in a wave of gore and chaos. Alongside other survivors like the busty Yoruka, childhood friend Tsukune and would-be medical student Ren, can Kii manage to escape a horrifying death one day at a time, while discovering the truth about this invading force?  

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I can't decide whether I love or hate this manga. It's primary strength is its ability to subvert your expectations in ways that are satisfying. Its weakness is inconsistency.  The first half of the story is great, absolutely crazy, but the second half is utterly excruciating and confusing. Great characters in the first half, boring in the second. Beautiful violence, mediocre character designs. So, a very mixed bag here on all fronts. Ultraviolence warning! Story: An oft seen premise. The apocalypse starts and this time it's caused by unnerving, genocidal supernatural robots(?) that look vaguely like magical girls. MC is able to survive the inicial massacre and gathers with other survivors to try to stay alive, figure out what's going on, and solve the mystery as to why they each seem to have a connection to this invasion. There are twists and turns aplenty and the story subverts your expectations over and over. It's pretty great. And then the second half starts and the story grinds to an unbearable halt, flashbacks within flashbacks begin, the major characters mostly fade into obscurity, and plot elements are introduced which practically change the genre. It's like an entirely different manga was just stapled onto the first half.  Plus, it's a convoluted, confusing mess.  I'd give the first half a seven or eight and the second half a 2 or a 3. So I'll just split the difference and say 5. Art: It looks great when people are getting killed, but character designs are weak. It's serviceable. Setting and background art is forgettable. Could be better. Characters: Great in the first half. One of the things that I love about this is its ability to surprise you with its characters. The ones who ended up being integral to the plot or even primary characters were the ones that I thought would be killed unceremoniously with 5 minutes. Hell, most of the deuteragonists are introduced as faceless bullies, background characters, or disposable villains. And wouldn't you know it, they are more complicated than they first appeared. In fact, almost every character has a hidden backstory which makes them more interesting.  Second half ruins it by introducing boring new characters in a different setting doing things barely connected to the first.  Split the difference between 8 and 4? 6. If you split this into two different manga, one would be great and the other would be boring. As it stands, I genuinely enjoy rereading that first manga every few years.

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