Magical Chef Shoujo Shizuru

Alt title: Magical Chef Girl Shizuru

Vol: 3; Ch: 14
2011 - 2014
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Magical Chef Shoujo Shizuru

It is currently the Obento era, when humanity's home cooking skill has risen to such a level that specialized powers for cooking, called Tools, have begun to manifest in people. Nishinomori Shizuru's mother, an extremely famous cook, disappeared when she was young, leaving her daughter with only a promise to meet again and a single kitchen knife. In an attempt to find her mother's whereabouts, Shizuru enrolls in a bento cooking school reserved for those with Tools, despite not having any powers of her own. She gets challenged to a cook-off with her place in the school on the line, and well, turns into a magical girl.

Source: MU

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