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Feb 8, 2013

I bought the Manga because I've always liked Kaito KID in the Detective Conan Anime and Manga. If you watch some episodes with him, you'll notice he has a strange personality. Not in a bad way, though ^^ He always steals and behaves like a macho, but then again he's a gentlemen and even helps Shinichi out one time.

However, I asked myself why this it and looked it up, so I found this Manga. You get to know about his past and his reasons, which are on the one side finding his father's killers but on the other side having fun. And that's exactly the case: Kaito Kuroba is very goofy and has always fun with everything - if he wants to or not. Even though there is much comedy in it, there's still a serious plot behind it. Kaito has a goal, what makes the Manga even more interesting.

Gosho Aoyama is the Mangaka of Magic Kaitou. Because it's him, everything remains logical. If you had enough courage and strenght, you could even make his plans come true, I think. Because everything is realistic and you don't get to know all the plan right at the beginning but at the end, it doesn't become boring to read.

Though the story and of course the characters are great, Gosho Aoyama's way of drawing is not a good thing for everyone. I like it, though, but there are enough people I've heard that they don't like it. But I have to say that it is his own way of drawing and it fits very well to the comedy and the seriousness at the same time.

You couldn't buy the Manga for a long time (or it would have cost you a lot Q_Q but it was worth buying it back then ^^), but now there is a new edition called "Kaito KID Treasured Edition". So it's easy to get the Manga in the bookshop now. Don't hesitate and go look for it! ;D

10/10 story
9/10 art
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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Nov 15, 2021

I was rewatching the Omar Sy Lupin series and I got into the mood to read some Kaitou Kid stories. This series lacks a good focus and probably shouldn't exist as a series. The first few storylines feel all over the place, but even the latest storyline has Kaitou Kid acting more like a detective than a thief. We get some sci-fi level robotics and gadgets as well as literal magic and demon-summoning. Chapter 8 has a weak attempt at political commentary. Chapter 18 is a crossover chapter with the series Yaiba and chapters 23-24 include a teenage Kudo Shinichi (presumably set before Shinichi turned into a kid at the beginning of Case Closed). There are a lot of rival magicians, rival thieves, rival inspectors and detectives trying to catch Kaitou Kid. There are multiple alternate Kaitou Kids. There are multiple storylines where a guest inspector turns out to be the bad guy. This story's biggest weakness is that there isn't a strong rival character. Inspector Nakamori, the only truly recurring "rival," is uninteresting because fe's intended to fail every time. Hakuba could have been a good rival character, but fe seems to be far too nonchalant about knowing Kaitou Kid's true identity. There are a few other characters who might've also made decent rivals, but the manga just dropped them after a single storyline.

The love triangle situation is also pathetic in this story. Aoko kinda sucks as a character and Akako is probably even worse. Kaito femself is honestly not a very interesting character either. Fe likes peeking at girls' panties and is scared of fish. And the motives behind why Kaito is a thief, as well as the secret organization's search for "Pandora," are kinda dumb.

The artwork in the first few chapters is pretty awful, but it gets better over time (especially considering that there were lengthy breaks between when some of these chapters were written).

[Reviewed at chapter 36]

4/10 story
4/10 art
3/10 characters
4/10 overall
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