Magi no Okurimono

Vol: 1; Ch: 6
4.161 out of 5 from 138 votes
Rank #2,492
Magi no Okurimono

The story revolves around Daichi, a 24-year-old man whose girlfriend has died, and Akari, his girlfriend who is now in heaven. Akari wants Daichi to forget her, but Daichi doesn't want to forget.

Source: ANN

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A terrible accident took her away from him. But he can't stop thinking about her, he can't forget about her. After five year he decides to go back to where everything started, the place where they promised, they vowed.. But he would've never expected something like this to happen.  Plus/minus considerations: STORY: why is it this story so good in my opinion? It has a great balance of sad moments, happy moments and funny moments. The story is not original di per se, but all the elements that appear, including the Afterlife system and its currency, were great. I always praise the courage in trying something original that has its own logic AND value. It's not a time-consuming read, the flow is great: the perfect example of a manga with a non-outstanding plot that drags you in with the sole strenght of its rhythm. There's one tiny thing that I don't like: the presence and the role of a certain character in the Afterlife.. but we'll go back to that when we talk about the characters. Really entertaning, definitely suited my taste. (+++) ART: reaching perfection is nearly impossible and furthermore perfection is a subjective thing. This art style is far from perfect, but it has his own fascinating aspects. Characters look great, backgrounds look even better. I like the variety in all panels and I don't find difficult picturing some of the spectacular double pages as wallpapers. (++) CHARACTERS: I liked almost everything, near a ten. Let's go straight to what I didn't like. There are two more characters in the Afterlife along with Akari, our dead protagonist: the guide and another fella. This little fella right here has a single reason to exist and when at the end I understood why, let's say that it pissed me off quite a bit. I'm not trying to be the guy who gets overprotective over characters of a show or a manga. But this dude had no reason to be there if not for a sigle joke. It's the Afterlife they don't have a reason to [....]. If you want to know more, you can ask me what I'm talking about in the comments and I'll answer you no problems, I don't like writing reviews with spoilers. I loved everyone else. Maybe Akari's reaction are a bit too forced near the end, but it's understandable. (+++) I loved this read: it's has a great flow, the story is not complicated (quite simple actually). It has sad, happy, funny moments. It looks great and the cast is great. Totally recommended with high scores.

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