Alt title: Magi: Labyrinth of Magic

Vol: 37; Ch: 369
2009 - 2017
4.205 out of 5 from 3,172 votes
Rank #859

In a sand-swept land of caravans, brigands and adventurers, legends tell of the ominous dungeon towers that suddenly appeared 14 years ago. It's said that by clearing one of these prisons, you can obtain treasure beyond your wildest dreams, and even form a contract with magical genies of immense power - assuming you make it out alive. In this world, Alibaba is a young rogue who wants nothing more than to get rich by clearing all of the world's dungeons, starting with the nearby tower Amon; Aladdin is a curious young boy with a magical flute and a hidden ability; and Morgiana is a slave who can't escape her chains. As their fates intertwine, the three find themselves wandering the land, battling powerful enemies, and taking a stand against powerful forces that seek to corrupt the weak and innocent.

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     To be honest I only rate this manga a 5/10 because the first half is actually pretty decent/good. In fact I'd say the first 250 chapters are a 7/10. But the chapters afterwards vary from 1-3/10, so that's why it's a 5/10.      I can't really be bothered writing a whole comprehensive review, but I wrote some thoughts on how it ended in the dead forums, so I'll just copy and paste those here since I don't see too many reviews that do anything besides 10/10ing everything here.      Read below and enjoy I suppose. Beware there are some heavy spoilers below, but most of them you'd be able to predict or expect several chapters in advance.      I recently came back and re-watched all of the anime seasons, and re-read the manga afterwards. I felt I needed to brush up my memory before finishing the manga since I last stopped around the point when Aladdin shows the world leaders Alma Torran and how their world came to be.      As the manga progressed it gradually became more and more of a let down. Characters lacked consistency in how they acted as the manga went on, and the plot arcs at times are almost separate from each other. Character development was also mostly character power ups that come out of no where.      I feel like the manga should have ended with Gyokuen/Arba being defeated, and around the same time in the manga as well. Like when she is "killed" by Hakuryuu but not really. Have her die to the protagonists so they can stop a 2nd coming of the apocalypse, and then keep Alibaba and Judal, or whoever the author thought should die, DEAD.       I actually wouldn't have come back to this manga if I had foreseen it'd eventually fully embrace shounen gimmicks. Up until the arc where Alma Torran's past is revealed, I felt that the majority of the manga's flaws were excusable. The way the manga was written up until that point, it felt like the author had planned a good portion of the story and the world's logic properly. Then it just gradually went on a downhill snowball effect of bad shounen tropes and gimmicks from there.      Like it really did feel like when Gyokuen/Arba died, the author seemed to have intended to end the manga there, but it was selling too well and whatever magazine it was being published in forced the author/editor to keep the manga running until it could run no more. This felt especially obvious in the last few arcs of the manga, and especially the last manga of the arc.      Time skips that skip over significant events, convenient power ups, power ups that straight up don't make sense and aren't properly foreshadowed, characters coming in and out of relevancy randomly, characters literally re-written to suit the plot, the list goes on.      That final arc was an abomination as well. Literally every other chapter there's an a** pull that is explained with mumbo jumbo. You can tell the manga got axed by the last chapter for two really obvious reasons too, By how rushed Morgiana and Alibaba's marriage is since there aren't enough pages left to let people enjoy a full proper ceremony and have characters react normally. And by how it ends on a note of "well our characters are still out there adventuring in a whole new world we haven't told you about yet, buttttt we can't tell it to you because we got axed... And we probably never wanted to write up until this far anyway"      Overall I was very sad and disappointed with this manga by the end. I wish I had just never come back and kept my memories somewhat rosy with it.


I don't write reviews very ofton, so bear with me please.  I know this alreday looks like I am a stupid fangirl that is just hitting 10 in each category for the sake of fangirling, but let me explain... story: All over the world strange buildings caled dungeons appeared. They offer great treasures and also power to the ones who conquer them, but few dare to try, since many failed already and never returned. However, Alibaba decides to try his luck together with the strange kid Aladdin wh turns out to be a magican.  I can't tell you more because i don't want to spoil anything however the further progress of the story is truly amazing. There are so many aspects and arcs, places, times... this manga covers, that at some point you really get a feeling that you know more about this world than most of it's inhabitants. It's also quite thrilling because there are so many aspects and myseries to be discovered since the story and  pre-story is just so ever expanding and gripping and yet there are still some things you want to find out and are unsure about. A huge plus is also that, even though the story itself deals with various serious topics, there are always moments that are just relaxing or more commonly plain funny.  I am not gonna lie, this manga really had me on the edge of my seat trembeling with excitemet and loughing like an idiot in public so ofton that I lost count. As much as I love the story itself, the charcters are what makes this manga so very addicting. As a girl the first thing I would tell another girl would be that the guys are incredibly hot (not lying, "husbandos" everywhere)  in a more serious conversation I would say that there is just so much depth to every single one of them. They all have an unique personality, storiy, philosophiy and few fit into a stereotype.  The authors gives the reader time to get to know each "important" character, but doesn't give to much insight to make it boring. Really, the most interesting aspect to this manga is that you love all those characers very much, yet you are never really sure what they are up to. It really makes you feel worried, sad, surprised disappointed BECAUSE you really develelop a connection and start to relate to them.  Special shoutout here to ladykiller Sinbad. I have rarely seen a character this well developed before.  As a final touch there is this beautiful BEAUTIFUL art style. Miss Shinobu does not only know how to draw a manga, she knows how to make a page appealing, interesting, toys with perspectives and in general is just an incredible manga artist. Especially the way she draws eyes and captures expressions is one of a kind. There is so much love for detail, every other page is just a masterpiece and that alone makes it worth reading.  Also, her characterdesigns are great. Again, we can clearly see a love for detail here and also all the effort that went into it.  Overall, this Manga was pure joy for me. Even though there were "pieces" of the story or characters I didn't enjoy, the overall impression this has left me with is: "OMG this is sooo awesome!" So if you are looking for a action/adventure/fantasy manga, this is what you should read. 


The next trash I’m analyzing for your amusement is Magi, a manga that a lot of people seemed to like at first and then lost all interest because it was all over the place. You can see that right in the first chapter where the plot keeps jumping around from one thing to another. The first scene establishes the protagonist being hungry and in possession of a monster that can beat several people. The second scene establishes the protagonist being willing to steal food if he’s hungry, but once he’s caught he’s willing to work for the food he stole. Notice how he’s not using his monster for easily getting all the food he wants or for doing jobs that will get him enough money so he won’t have to steal. Meaning he’s a retard. The third scene establishes the protagonist as a molester. He has a huge boob fetish and he will be constantly sexually harassing women without wondering if they are okay with it first. What a great way to make most of the potential audience to dislike the main character in the very first chapter. Now the only ones who will like him are the sexual predators. The fourth scene establishes how dumb everyone is. Some thieves reveal how they lure people so they can rob them, thus ruining their plan, and the people who hear that believe them right away. Because why would you not believe complete strangers who refer to themselves as thieves calling someone else a thief? These are clearly trustworthy people you should believe without a question. The fifth scene is about the protagonist using his overpowered jinni to defeat any opponent who stands in his way as well as a flashback that shows how that jinni came to his possession. He wished for the jinni to be his friend, which is a very evil act, since you can’t wish someone you just met to be your friend without brain washing him. And that was just the first chapter. Oh boy. After that the protagonist sticks his head in manboobs. Not because he tripped as they do in harems, he deliberately did that because he has a boob fetish and that is supposed to be funny. Anyways, the manboob person is a wine merchant and he would rather save his merchandise than the life of someone. So when a weird hentai tentacle monster attacks his cart, it’s up to the protagonist and his macguffin flute that summons the jinni to save the day. As a reward for this act we get more sexual predator comedy. I need to make clear that this manga constantly objectifies and mistreats women whenever it can. It does it in such a degree that all men come off as one-dimensional evil rapists. I get that women were mistreated in ancient times, but the manga is specifically being mean to women for cheap victimizing. The theme is not about women’s rights, it’s mostly about what a good king is about and how there can be equality before law. Sexually molesting women has nothing to do with that, it’s a sick fetish for cheap thrills and supposed comedy. The protagonist for example is a horndog, but because he helps out people with his macguffin flute we are supposed to not mind it when he does it. That aside, the mistreatment of women is not part of the themes and thus it’s not fine to accept it. In volume 2 the protagonist is exploring a dungeon for treasure. At the end of it they throw in some silly message about who deserves to be a king, but it’s all childish nonsense since all you are left with is a one-dimensional evil asshole, and a protagonist with a boob fetish who always relies on his macguffin flute for fixing every problem. The answer was obvious and one-sided since the protagonist was given the moral high ground. In volume 3 the mangaka can’t settle on a single idea. Now we are in a Far East setting where the men are still one-dimensional evil rapists who kidnap women as breeding machines. The main villain harms both sides that live peacefully, so they will go to war and he will be king at the end of it. His plan works out until the protagonist once again overwhelms him with his macguffin flute and no war happens. If it wasn’t apparent already, the resolutions are anti-climactic since nobody can challenge the protagonist’s jinni. The plot can easily move in whatever direction the mangaka wants because of that simple fact. In volume 4 the protagonist goes back to the Arabic setting and teams up with the slave girl he helped out in the dungeon. Despite getting captured again, she doesn’t need help anymore since she’s overpowered. She easily kicks the crap out of the slavers and frees the slaves. Again everything is dull since it’s just a shonen character beating up weak baddies who are being assholes to women. There’s no theme about slavery here, it’s plain revengeporn. In volume 5 the protagonist and the former slave girl want to help a king to stop a rebel group led by the man who the protagonist also helped during the dungeon. They introduce magic abilities for making the battles a bit more elaborate than just one person beating up normies, but the damage is already done since it’s the fifth volume. What took you so long? Half the audience will have noped out by now. Anyways, in order to show why that man joined the rebels a very, very long flashback happens that shows his life story and my god was it boring to read. Flashbacks are supposed to be short, to the point, and they should not overshadow the events in the present. This shit was a hundred pages of constant narration and time skips to a dozen events most of which were nothing special. Guess how many more noped out because of it. In volume 6 another hundred pages pass where all we see is people talking about the politics of the world. Nothing is happening, nobody does anything. Not even the fights matter, they end and nothing is resolved. In volume 7 they storm the palace of the king and demand a republic because the people are suffering. Because as we all know in a republic people are never suffering. They frame it as if there can’t possibly be a good monarch, but that is a lie. Good leaders can exist in any political system. Expect communism. That is impossible to happen. Then they start debating about fucking politics in the throne room, which would make sense if they were delegates of different political parties, but they are not. It’s between the royals who got attacked just five minutes ago and had dozens of their soldiers killed, and the rebels who just five minutes ago attacked the palace. Who the shit would stop this massacre to have a civilized debate as soon as he runs in the throne room with a bloodied sword? This manga is dumb. And it tries to expose its own dumbness in volume 8 when the leader of the rebellion gets possessed by darkness (what is this, Kingdom Hearts?) and makes everyone to start killing each other. Because he knows there can’t be any of that equality bullshit they are talking about. People are not born equal, nor are they treated equally. Not even in a republic. The ones who shape the world are the strong and the privileged. Guess what the one who wants a republic is. A prince with his own superpowers and huge fortune. So how does everyone stop hating and killing each other? With a superpower that the protagonist uses that summons the spirits of the dead. Do they slaughter everyone as they did in Lord of the Rings? NO, they make the ones fighting to start crying. And then everyone stops fighting. So much for politics, it came down to broken superpowers that magically make people stop fighting with the power of friendship and love or some bullshit. This manga is dumb and so far I didn’t like a single thing in it. The plot continues with the characters fighting an evil organization that wants to spread darkness in the world. Which means people in this setting are not evil because they want to, it’s because they are being manipulated into being evil by some power of darkness. What a lovely way to destroy the socio-political themes. It’s not selfish rulers being mean to everyone anymore, it’s a dark power that mind-controls them. This dark organization sends bad guys to kill the main characters so they can spread darkness into the world. And they do that by literally jumping out of nowhere in the story. They kick the crap out of the good guys, until more powerful good guys also jump out of nowhere to save them. Because who gives a shit about proper build ups? It’s not an adventure about finding a good king anymore, it’s about people jumping out of nowhere with no build up so they can stop darkness from spreading into the world. After that the manga becomes an aimless action adventure. Besides their power levels going up they don’t do anything towards stopping that evil organization. In fact it’s like they forgot about that and the main plot is not moving forward. At the same time it’s not filler since as far as world building goes, they explore different civilizations, and they gain new abilities and allies from every mission. First they fight pirates, then one of them goes to a magic academy, another one becomes a gladiator. Despite all that the main objective has been completely forgotten, the arcs are loosely connected, and you will often wonder where are we going and what’s the point in any of this? Midway through the manga the various powerful nations go to war with each other and things seem to get epic since you get long discussions about politics and how the people must not suffer by the powerful. There are elaborate segments where we see huge armies mobilizing and using all sorts of tactics in battles. It looks epic and seems to be getting to something good. And then the protagonist appears and uses his hax magic for scaring the army into retreating without killing a single person. A build up to a war that keeps escalating for 20 chapters ends with a shonen hero flexing how broken his superpowers are. The mangaka doesn’t know how to handle the themes she wants to explore. On one hand she wants to be realistic with elaborate societies and army tactics, and on the other she resolves everything in a hurry as if it’s a fairy tale, with a hax shonen protagonist who is a pacifist and can end huge wars without having to kill anyone. Then the power scaling goes whack as the next guy who gets possessed by darkness is not just stronger than the previous ones they fought so far. He’s so strong he summons a giant that can destroy the whole world, and it takes the combined effort of a dozen overpowered warriors to stop it. The fight is amazing if you see it as an isolated event, but the build up to it is not there. Half of the overpowered dudes in the fight were hardly shown so far, we don’t know them or have any idea how the hell they appeared in battle all of a sudden. It’s not like the mangaka rushes to get to the next major event without spending any time on building up the conflict. She spends dozens of chapters in fleshing out societies, but not the major fighters who eventually end every conflict. After that the mangaka completely forgets what manga she’s supposed to be making and spends hundreds of pages in narrating the history of a different world. It’s basically a summary of the most important events of the past, with constant time skips and a lot of narration. It’s very epic in scope but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s not the same story. There’s not even a plot for dozens of chapters, because all we get is a flashback that is longer than most arcs in the actual story. The mangaka clearly doesn’t give a shit about plot anymore, she just narrates any weird ideas she had about a different setting, not even the one the story takes place in. A competent mangaka would have shown all that gradually as the main plot unfolds, which if you remember it’s about dungeons, genies, and a search for a good king. All that got wasted on a creepy protagonist who molests women, long battles with characters we don’t care about because no time was spent on them, an evil organization that is hardly seen doing anything, and all that is wrong in the world being some magical darkness that makes you do bad things. All you are left with is a cool concept with terribly dull execution. Anyways, after that there is a time skip where one of the major characters who should be dead magically survives. Because there is no such thing as permanent death in modern shonen. The manga became a tourist guide since the only thing he does is going from one place to another and seeing how the world changed out of screen. It feels like a civilization building story, but it’s not since we are not shown the building part. We don’t get to see the change, we are just shown the result. At least the evil organization finally makes an appearance. Only to get completely obliterated in a few pages by the broken protagonist. How satisfactory, now let’s go back to the tourist guide where nothing happens. Also I know it’s expected to have that in every shonen, but it’s still something that ruins the tension every single time. The protagonist is both royalty and a chosen one. He is the son of the most awesome king of all times and is also a wizard with the most hax powers. Meaning every opponent he faced so far was a typical mortal who never stood a chance against him and who was also beneath him both in rank and in inborn potential. Because there is no such thing as a real underdog in modern shonen. Anyways, the last arc is about the final villain wanting to destroy reality so he can become a god. Although there is action again, it doesn’t matter since like always it comes down to a debate about freedom versus control. The ontological side of this debate is very interesting as a concept, since destiny in this setting is defined by the gods, who are distant and frankly we never see them, they are too abstract to make sense and exist on a higher plane of existence. In this unusual take, the people of the world have been brainwashed and want to return to nothingness, because the final villain reprogrammed them to desire that. Meaning nobody besides the magi and their super special allies have actual free will, the rest are just behaving however they have been programmed to behave. You know, like programs in a videogame. So yeah it’s like Attack no Titan where they don’t have free will and do whatever the gods want them to do. Anyways, every overpowered character in the show fires his kamehame at the final bad guy and the world is saved, even if it looks like a complete mess because of the partial reality warping fuss. A new age of adventure and exploration begins where everything has to be discovered and built from scratch. Meaning all those hundreds of pages that were spent on talking about societies are now completely useless and you wasted your time remembering what they were about. Also everyone is strangely happy about it although there is no infrastructure anymore so anyone can be a criminal who can do whatever crap he likes in this completely lawless world. The end. What happened to the good king they were supposed to find? What a pile of bull, just interesting concepts without any sense of build up or plot continuity. I can’t give it more than a 3/10.

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