Mage & Demon Queen - Part 3

Ch: 61
2021 - 2023
4.313 out of 5 from 796 votes
Rank #313
Mage & Demon Queen - Part 3

The third season of Mage & Demon Queen.

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Worst bad faith "yuri" out there. This author insisted that they only draw GL yet they lured people in for the ride and added a non-female part on that "female" character. It would have been fine if they wanted to create that kind of story (futa) and was upfront about it but they didn't. That is what bugs me, why lure people in? It's like r-pe via deception. You lure people in only to trap them (since they're already invested in your characters) and have your way with them (force them a narrative that involves non-female part). It's honestly messed up.Story wise, it's generic, mostly stolen from "I'm in love with a Villainess"  and the art design is from other games/shows as well. It's an amalgamation of generic, plagiarism and bait. If you want a proper yuri story there are better ones out there. Seriously, this is not worth wasting your time over. If you're saying that you just want something funny, there are still good alternatives out there, Tamen De Guchi is topnotch. Not so Shoujo Love story is funny as well. There's too many random characters that I don't care for in this story either. Like the random men, like, I'm reading about a yuri story am I not? Why is there so much focus on the males? I sincerely do not care about them. If I want to read about men only there's shounen/seinen/yaoi/bara for that. I went to your story for yuri. What is this?Anyone who defends this story is either a homophobic person in denial of what a homosexual truly is, or is someone with low bar taste. It's 2023. There are better yuri/gl out there and I hope none of them are anything like this author's works. It's so bafflingly bland and generic if not gross due to the unneeded addition to one of the characters' body.

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