Madou no Keifu

Alt title: Truth Weavers

Vol: 6; Ch: 32
2019 - 2023
3.874 out of 5 from 84 votes
Rank #8,557
Madou no Keifu

In the country of Larvata, mages are oppressed and seen as filthy beings. Leon is a talented but rather weak mage. Zex is an orphan boy with great innate magical talent. Their meeting will change their lives as well as the world around them.

Source: MU

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TL;DR - A solid start so far, with a couple of nitpicks. This manga is also another breath of fresh air. It's not another isekai, no virtual reality or MMORPG with stupid, souped-up mechanics and cheats. To be fair, our main character Zechs is pretty overpowered. But it doesn't come without setbacks - he genuinely faces problems because of his hot temper and a really bad case of dyslexia (which seems to have more to it than meets the eye). One of the things this manga has done very well is build up characters and show genuine emotions. It's unfortunately pretty common in a lot of the new manga I've read recently to have characters that behave nonsensically and are totally cringy. But so far in this story, the characters behave like actual humans and their emotions are explored pretty thoroughly. I at first thought he'd be the main character, but Zechs' teacher was also explored pretty well as a character. Super relatable. Artwork is clean, very attractive. Chapters are longer too, making for a satisfying read. Having said all that, I think my nitpick so far is that one of the premises doesn't make much sense, that being that mages are treated as worse than dirt and considered the "lowest" social caste. You see, all throughout history, humans have always exploited systems and tools to build a better future for themselves. It seems unbelievable to me that something as useful and incredible as magic would be regarded so negatively and poorly by the general populace. By now tons of people should have seen the usefulness behind the power, making some of the social issues of the world difficult to believe. Alongside that, there are too many conflicts that were introduced too quickly - you've got a recent civil war over a formerly neutral region, so there's a bunch of racism against those people (and our MC, Zechs). There's also classism between nobles vs. peasants, and then (reverse?) elitism between mages and non-mages. Not that good stories don't have tons of things going on, but because everything was introduced in rapid succession, no particular issue was given any depth - it's there, just because. And so our first few antagonists have excuses to be "evil" just for the sake of being evil - feels pretty lazy. We are only 8 chapters in though, so maybe we'll see some more character and world-building. I'd like to eventually see antagonists that are more than just racist or classist... those are overused villain tropes.

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