Machida-kun no Sekai

Alt title: The World of Machida-kun

Vol: 7; Ch: 27
2015 - 2018
4.268 out of 5 from 586 votes
Rank #469
Machida-kun no Sekai

Machida-kun seems like the perfect brother, son, and student because he loves people. Helpful when he needs to be, but puts himself down when he feels like a total failure. However, the people that surround his daily life are there as a reminder as why Machida-kun needs no improvements because the people love Machida.

Source: MU

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Machida notices other people. Fe remembers their names and what's going on in their lives; fe nonchalantly helps them as fe passes by. But fe doesn't recognize feir own strong point--the fact that feir consideration attracts people to fem--so fe has a bit of a self-esteem issue. And I guess I'm okay with that in theory, but feir inability to recognize that people (girls) are interested in fem comes across more as obliviousness than a lack of self-esteem. And that apparent obliviousness contradicts feir primary character trait--fem being hyper-perceptive and empathetic of everyone around fem. They try to explain it away as fem seeing everyone as "family," as though that somehow makes it so fe is incapable of recognizing romantic feelings aimed at fem, but it's obvious they just needed fem to be unperceptive in this specific area so some of their cheap drama could work. It's also a bit disappointing that there isn't more tension with Machida's close friends feeling shafted because of all the good deed detours that eat up Machida's time. In my experience, people who try splitting their time with everybody end up only being able to maintain shallow relationships. Spending time with those most important to you necessitates you being willing to turn down those who are less important (which, of course, necessitates you ranking peoples' relative importance to you). Honestly, that's where the primary drama should've come from rather than having it come from Machida being oblivious to romance. Or, they could've taken the story in a completely different direction and just shown a series of continuous nonchalant random acts of kindness (like in the opening of chapter five) without any focus on romance at all, and it still would've probably been entertaining. But despite those disappointments in the storytelling and characterizing, I still found the manga delightful and worth reading.

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