Lv. 99 Princess of Black Flame (Novel)

Ch: 306
2021 - 2022
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Lv. 99 Princess of Black Flame (Novel)

Eunha Cha appeared to meet her doom when she vanished inside a monster-riddled rift—but thirty years later, she emerges in an elegant black gown as the unmatched Princess of Black Flame! In September 1997, fate rewards Eunha for getting into her dream university by turning the world upside-down: magic becomes real, and so do deadly monsters. Eunha is drafted to fight them and accidentally gets sent into an Unknown Gate, which traps her for longer than she ever could have guessed. When she finally escapes from the Gate with a powerful magic parasol in hand, Eunha is forced to navigate the modern world and the industry of celebrity hunters that developed while she was lost in time. As her powers attract both welcome and unwanted attention, Eunha must prove herself as more than a ridiculous Concept Hunter and earn the respect of a world that's passed her by.

Source: Yonder

Includes 10 side story chapters. 

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