Lupin III

Alt titles: Lupin Sansei, Lupin the Third

Vol: 14; Ch: 109
1967 - 1972
3.678 out of 5 from 120 votes
Rank #19,048
Lupin III

Meet Arsene Lupin the Third, the world’s greatest thief, a master of disguise and colossal womanizer! Lupin will tackle any job that takes his fancy and he always manages to remain one step ahead of whatever poor sap he plans to rob, as well as the hapless Inspector Zenigata. Alongside his partners in crime, Jigen, Goemon and the devious Fujiko, Lupin uses his cunning, wit and downright shameless confidence to snag his intended loot. From stealing top-secret microfilms and eluding those who want him dead, to rescuing captured spies and nabbing diamonds from a corpse, Lupin the Third only aims to make money, outwit his foes and of course, bed a bevy of beautiful babes along the way! 

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